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Dead Rising 4 - 1/2/20 - $12.73


Today’s deal is Dead Rising 4!





Oh, whoa, dude!

What? Did your brain do that thinking thing again?

Ugh, you know what? If I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot because we do all the same stuff.

Fine…what were you going to say?

I was just thinking like, I got Dead Rising 4 from Chrono, and it was a good deal because it was just like 13 bucks or so…


And like, I got thinking. It’s a zombie game, but it takes place during Black Friday, and I started thinking to myself like…

Oh god…

Shut up! I started thinking to myself like, “Dang, the way we actually act on Black Friday kind of reminds me of the zombies!


…Does that sound totally crazy?

Umm…like, NO, but like…how are you just picking this up now?

What do you mean?

You know Dawn of the Dead? Day of the Dead? The original Dead Rising? All of them are about that kind of.


You know, just that like, humans are zombies but like as a reflection of modern consumerist capitalist society. That’s almost become like, the literary function of zombies.

What? But what about like, eating brains? And what system were those games on? I don’t think I’ve even heard of any of them.

Are you kidding me? Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead are classic movies! And how have you not heard of Dead Rising one when we’re playing the fourth?

Oooooh! I didn’t realize! I thought it was just like a joke number because games have so many sequels these days…

A joke number? What the hell even is…you know what? Actually never mind. No, the four in Dead Rising 4 is not a “joke number”.

And do they all have the zombie guys, or is that just from this one?

Wait…are you saying that your only context for zombies AT ALL is the game Dead Rising 4?

…That’s not what I’m NOT saying…

Oh my god. What am I even doing here? It’s like trying to explain government to a dog.

Oh please, that’s impossible. Dogs are apolitical. They’re just very good boys.

I gotta start coming to a different game shop…

The official trailer for Dead Rising 4:

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Truth. Wolves too.

Actually, I’ve never heard of this game either, so yeah, legit thought. :stuck_out_tongue: Heard of the movies, but never watched. Gotta meet some (in game) zombies soon.


I wonder what would happen if there was a MacGuyver and Dead Rising crossover?