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Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition - 12/25/18 - $8.50


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! :hearts:

Today’s deal is Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition!





You know, part of the reason why they say zombie movies (and tv shows and comics) have been so continuously popular for the past 60 years is that as kind of a “side effect” of the total overtaking of mankind by piles of flesh-eating ghouls, humanity kind of loses sight of a lot of the societal barriers we have in place as part of our daily routines.

It lets you live out your post-apocalyptic fantasy and it’s sort of wonderful not to have the rules of society breathing down your back for a second, you know? But…as dutiful players of today’s game Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition already know…those people are forgetting something. The best thing about the zombie apocalypse is the amazing number of ridiculous weapons you can great to kill said zombies.

Want a robot bear with a machine gun? You can have it. A half-saw-half-sledgehammer? Done. How about a laser sword? Piece of cake. Channel all that pent up aggression about the world ending with some clever crafting and show those zombies who’s boss.

The official trailer for Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition:

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Guess everyone is on break today, huh? Chrono staff included.



Great festive Christmas game. Really gets you into the holiday spirit!


Is there no special Christmas event? Dissapointed


I would have rather expected Dead Rising 4, that one was more Christmassy, right?


Fuck my great home country of Germany for banning most of the amazing Dead Rising franchise! -.-

I have DR4, the only one allowed here, but it’s clearly not the strongest entry in the series…


does this key work in german region?


I can’t tell you for actually certain, but from previous experiences with Germans buying games from here is that even if steam wont sell a game to you for whatever reason it still wont block the activation of a key.

So probably, but I can of course not give you any guarantees.


The game is region locked, but that’s what a 30 second Google search told me and that could have changed, since the post was from 2014.

My reply is basically just for future reference.

There are games that you can activate, while they are not available for sale, but that’s different case by case. What you have to look for is if a game is region locked. If a game has no region lock, that means you can activate keys and play the games without problems. It’s just not sold on Steam or available for purchase.

The Steam group For Uncut manages a catalogue of Steam games and if they have region locks, are censored and so on.

Also there are some games that you can only activate via VPN but play with a German IP, others you can only play with VPN, but that’s a different story and for me personally not worth the hassle.

cc @Fraggles