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Dead Rising 2 - 7/7/19 - $5.49


Today’s deal is Dead Rising 2!





Hey! If you’re smart and you love deals, it’s really only a matter of time before you pick up Dead Rising 2 today, where you fight thousands of zombies using wacky weapons in a city that “definitely-isn’t-but-is-totally-based-on” Las Vegas, so here are a few fast zombie facts to prepare you for the next 30 to 100 hours of that zombie-killing life!

-Did you know that zombies can lift 50 times more than their own weight, just like an ant? Also, just like ants, there’s a million of them and just one of you!

-Did you know zombies were originally called “zembies” but people thought it sounded weird? People still call them zembies in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

-Did you know that if you’re having a tummy ache, zombie tooth tea can not only settle it but also help you poop? It’s funny, but true!

-Did you know zembies love the sound of muzak? That’s why the first game was set in a mall, and this one’s basically set in the Disneyland of us old people.

-Before they were known as zembies, zombies were called zormbies, but everyone decided that was way too silly

-Zombies are known as “The Walking Dead” because they go on forever and never end, even when all the characters you care about are long dead.

-It’s a myth that zormbies are obsessed with brains. It’s true that they eat them, but then again they’ll probably eat all of you, so how precious is your brain, really?

-Before they were called zormbies, zombies were known as zumbas, but they had to change it because they got hit with a C&D from Zumba Fitness, LLC

-Before they were called zumbas they were called simbas, but they changed it because they kept trying to avenge their dads.

-And finally, whatever you call them, just remember that Simba is the one true king, and that anyone else is just a pretender to the throne. Have fun with Dead Rising 2!

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No. Way.

I’ve been wanting to try this game since I first saw Game Grumps play it on their show, and I have watched those 42 episodes all the way through, at least 3 or 4 times. But because Germany did not allow a whole lot of violence in video games back in the day, Dead Rising 1 to 3 and all their spinoffs did not make it to the German market (just like other brutal zombie fests, like Dead Island, Prototype and Dying Light).

I can’t believe I was just able to buy and activate it here. Thank you SO much, Chrono gods :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s understandable though, cuz of Germany’s history with Nazi zombies, as illustrated in the Zombie Army Trilogy, so it does make sense that they wouldn’t allow zombie games as it’s still a touchy subject there and they’d rather forget about that dark page of their recent history


I swear, in 2k19 you can’t swing a dead Nazi anywhere without hitting someone talking 'bout Nazis.