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Dead Cells Daily runs - Rise of the Giant DLC is priority now


08.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - One of the Hardest I’ve Ever Played

@Enki Touché and that’s why this is pretty late today, but damn how fun it was, because it’s so tough! I feel the need to post it regardless and here we have plenty of synergies and stupid gear on top of everything!

Do notice it’s Phase 1 Slumbering Sanctuary… No Golems, but got my ass handed to me. At least I had to use strange gear left and right including the Sinew Slicer for almost the whole run. There’s also Assault Shield segments, so hopefully someone will enjoy the misery :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaderboards 2019-08-02 And try to guess who’s back!!! and guess my real ranked place :rofl:

Extra Stuff:

For the Spelunky fans I did managed to get myself to #12 in the Daily Challenge yesterday and only if I haven’t made that stupid mistake… I had enough points to go to rank #1! Again pretty tough run.

Dead Cells - Casual Run new save file - Part 4 should be coming tomorrow as well… where hopefully I will tackle in the slumbering sanctuary again or at least that’s the plan so far.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


a hat in time smug smile in HC dead cells thread
noice :ok_hand:



11.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - only top 5 this time

You really need to check what awful side gear we have today! Swarm Grenade FTW! Of course there’s no other option.

It’s High Peak Castle biome, but it’s pretty easy with the weapons at least. There’s good main weapons and pretty good shields to pick from, so it’s nothing that troublesome. Don’t forget to parry or mess the parries like I did though and you should be fine.

Leaderboards 2019-11-02 Kinda suck today and can’t be arsed for more.

I called the meme police on him, but they didn’t even apprehended him… said something like “it took him forever to throw that meme and he can’t be dangerous”… Lawlessness!
I have only one option now - call the Try Harders’ guild on him to ambush him! The whole street will turn black from their black BMWs and black Golf 2s of course. They will teach him a lesson!

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


12.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Golem Fiesta again!

I kinda uploaded this to youtube like 7 hours ago and I’m still in the same spot #6 and didn’t had time to do post here, 'cuz my better half had birthday, but in her honor I dodged plenty of golems :smiley:

There’s plenty of great fire synergies someone can enjoy … there are still few hours left when you see this :smiley:. It’s pretty hard though - I was sober when I did it - just saying! I rocked the Pyrotechnics… you can go with even the torch and the impaler if you want… plenty of options.

Leaderboards 2019-12-02 Well, I’m actually number 2, but whatever…

It seems I’m so drunk tonight that I will probably go own some unsuspecting online new players (noobs) in dark souls. Hopefully this will turn out to be great video :stuck_out_tongue:.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


12.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Cursed Sword Fun - One hit = death!

I’m pretty happy this daily happened, because I had the chance to rock the Cursed Sword during the entirety of today’s Daily Run! If you have the will and time to try it out, you won’t regret it and probably place in the top spots! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s Prisoners’ Quarters, so of course it’s really easy! Took me only few attempts and that’s why I bet is new players friendly as well! There’s ok gear all over the place and you can go only 1/3rd of the run with the Cursed Sword if you wish, by replacing it with the Wrenching Whip and than right after - the Lightning Bolt. Don’t forget that Twin Daggers suck! :smiley:

If you happen to try it out, please do let me know if you find a secret and where it is, because either there isn’t one or I totally missed it. If I get deranked any further I will probably try to push for better score before it’s over with better Star Management.

Leaderboards 2019-02-13 - so far I’m rank #3 by the time of posting.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


18.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Enough Break from Tryharding

I’m surprised to see so much gear and weapon options that are viable in a single daily run and it’s of course the Epilepsy inducing place, so keep that in mind. Unfortunately will take a lot more experiments than in this video to occupy the top 3 spots, but #6 should be kinda ok.

Ancient Sewers is always fun and not that hard in a daily, compared to regular few cell difficulties. I decided to switch the routing a bit during recording this, so keep in mind I went to area #5 first instead of #3. It shouldn’t really matter that much, but I didn’t wanted to waste a lot of the star below the Skill Scroll drop.
Plenty of gear to experiment with, so it was pretty nice experience. I stuck with what I’m used to do - Grenades and the Shovel.

Leaderboards 2019-02-18 - so far I’m rank #6 by the time of posting.

Extra Stuff:

Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition - after I did some random invasions left and right, which if you are interested in and haven’t seen yet,

Here they are, but unfortunately not a lot of high levels except one being 600+

Now it’s pretty hard to find decent duels when I have the time to play, so I decided to check things how are in the DLC bonfire, but I had to get my PvP Level 125 to there. It’s NG+2 of course and it didn’t took much time… damn Artorias! Minor spoilers, but I bet that everyone wanted to play the game by now - already did, except @YQMaoski of course :smiley:. So a bit of a Single Player PvE… it needed to be done.

See you in Oolacile Township soon and Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


19.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Damn, I’m tired now!

This took like forever… it was such a pain I don’t even want to talk about it. Though - top 5!

Yep, High Peak Castle nightmare with 2 Cursed Chests and everything. The Curses weren’t so bad compared to the hordes of enemies you have to deal with. One wrong move was leading to stun locks and almost certain death in the first 1/3rd of the run. Perfect stomps and dodges had to be done.

Leaderboards 2019-02-19 - so far I’m rank #5 by the time of posting.

Extra Stuff:

Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition - finally managed to get better opponents, so if this is the trend now… soon I will get most of my skills back :stuck_out_tongue:. In some fights got my ass handled to me, so I bet this can be fun to watch, but I never got salty this time! I love challenges and tough opponents!
Hopefully I managed to explain better what’s going on as well, but I will try harder next time for sure.

Have a great… whatever you are having and cheers!


Rise of the Giant DLC - Available in the Alpha Branch!

The DLC is coming! It will be free like Motion Twin promised and of course I played it… expect a video about it a bit later, because I’m not at home and uploading so much with wi-fi takes a lot of time :stuck_out_tongue: and that’s why I wasn’t even able to upload the daily today in time, but first let’s talk about the DLC of course.

The announcement itself on steam! It has all the instructions you need to follow if you want to check it out … alpha test it … criticize it … whatever you want to do. In typical Motion Twin fashion - great sum up, especially from what I experienced.

PATCH NOTES - the important stuff!!!
New Biome; new boss(es); new gear; new skills; outfits FFS :smiley: and what not.
It’s too early to judge so far, but I kinda think they put too much stuff you can jerk off with during the levels. It’s good to have plenty of options and choices, but it’s possible they kinda overdid it. I’m mainly addressing the new keys and what not in not that usually busy levels. And if you haven’t played it yet you will be able to understand what I’m talking about from my video… which will take few hours to upload I feel :confused:

I will post it here tomorrow for the ones interested and that aren’t subscribed

As well with the timestamp of my very first experience with the new biome and the new boss of course. It’s an 1 hour and 20 minutes video, but there was plenty of new things, so I couldn’t go faster than that.

These days I will jump right into 4 Cells Active to hopefully get the 5th one and I will try all crazy routes and what not, so hopefully this will be fun for the fans of the game.

20.02.2019 Daily Run Breakdown - Really hard, but really late…

I know it’s over, but like yesterday it was REALLY HARD - I cried when I did it, so I had just to post it and no need to mention it ever again… though there are plenty of Golems.

Have a great… RISE OF THE GIANT and cheers!


As expected the upcoming Rise of the Giant DLC will take a bit of priority over the Daily Runs.

There’s so much new things that I don’t even know from where to start. So far I have a bit of mixed feelings about the DLC, but still a lot more to explore before I can justify any of my thoughts. The things I’m probably most sceptical about now are the new enemies and the extra keys in the Ancient Sewers and the Prison Depths.

The new enemies (not talking about the new biome - Cavern ones) kinda have their bullet hell feel to them and I can’t yet put my finger if that’s a good thing for Dead Cells. The enemies in the Cavern look a bit more well rounded, except for probably the new flying ones, which don’t need eye contact with you to engage in a fight. They just switch platforms when you get close and of course fly through everything “solid” - floors, walls…

About the extra keys - I think there’s already enough stuff to do in each biome and this adds on top a lot of more time wasting especially for Biomes that are slower than the others. Prison Depths is the only extra +1 biome now including the Cavern which replaces the Forgotten Sepulcher or the Clock Tower. The fact you can go to Ancient Sewers from the Prison Deapths and “play” with the keys in both areas when mostly the clock isn’t stops renders it pretty tough to take advantage of the last timed door. On top of that you need to kill plenty of enemies to get the keys. I’m pretty sure that only 2 drop in the Prison Depths (one for a skill scroll only) and 3 (needs to be confirmed) in the Anicent Sewers.

Ancient Sewers Keys choices: 6 individual gear pieces of your choosing; 1 x 14 cells; money gem with the same 3 keys (needs confirmation it’s 3 keys)

Prison Depths - Gold cells key = Skill Scroll; Iron cells key = choose between 2 pedestals - 1 out of 2 gear choice.

Almost full run exploring the new changes, Biome and The Giant boss on 0 Cells. It’s long, because of all the changes and the exploration needed of course.
Timestamp for the new Biome and Boss included in the description.

Tried 3 Cells and encountered the new enemies … to my surprise - insane game changer.
Giantkiller weapon thoughts timestamp in the description.
Got my ass handed to me … as expected ;]

1 Cells Active test run - it’s really manageable including the new enemy type, so I will probably wreck it in my next attempt.
Timestamps of the Prison Depths differences and the Gold Recovery 5 blueprint, which I didn’t encountered in 1.1 patch unfortunately are in the description.

I will try to destroy 1 Cell and than go to 3 Cells only for a test run. I need to check 5 cells as soon as possible so 4 Cells are coming right after the test.

Now for the best part : Lucky me… my back is totally killing me right now… I barely managed to get up today. I only had back pains once in my live before few years - it was located at the middle of it… Now it’s lower back pain… I can barely walk and move my legs. I have to wonder every time when I sit down If I will be able to ever get back up :smiley:. Pain medication doesn’t help, but at least makes me feel happier when I mix it with beer. Typing standing up while holding a hot water bottle pressed to the pain spot - that’s the only thing that helps right now. There’s no way this will stop me from recording… we have to try hard even when the body decides to fail :smiley:

Have a great… RISE OF THE GIANT and cheers!


Know all about that. The pain is why I started gaming…even if, right now. it’s silly but very pretty Solitaire games. Gaming is a great pain management program. :+1:t3: Had a friend tell me that on GOTD because he was in a bad car/bike accident and now he’s basically wheel chair bound and on morphine…etc

Keep on gaming…no matter what the game is :heavy_heart_exclamation: