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Dead Age - 9/6/19 - $2.49


Today’s deal is Dead Age!





Ah, zombies. The only enemy in video games more basic than the goombah. There is absolutely no more ways for them to have been killed in games that hasn’t already been done, so why not have a little fun with it, eh? Here, come with us on a little hypothetical journey and we’ll tell you what we mean. But first, imagine there’s a real life zombie apocalypse. It’s easy, because it’s almost true!

Now imagine you’re walking down the street with your party or whatever (you’ve seen Shawn of the Dead) and boom, all of a sudden there’s a zombie there in front of you. Now, COULD you all just jump him at once and turn him into disgusting zombie paste? Of course you could, but that stopped being fun in the 70’s! Now you gotta mix it up to keep it interesting. So stay with us here, what if you turned it into a JRPG?

Like, zombies are pretty slow, right? So just take turns! Let your buddy bop him in the head with a handsaw while you start doing some weird summoning dance, and when he’s done, let loose with something crazy like a lawnmower or a molotov, like you’re the mage of the group! Granted, society’s still dead and no one will ever know what Dragon Quest is again, but hey! At least you had a good time!

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