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Days of War: Definitive Edition - 5/16/20 - $9.99/$11.99/$14.99


Today’s deal is Days of War: Definitive Edition!

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The office with a picture of Stalin on the wall is quiet. The cabinets are polished with their doors closed. On the heavy wooden desk is a lamp with a stained glass shade that looks like it’s from the caboose of a train. 36 government-issue drawers are stacked along the wall and filled with all kinds of official documents, next to the giant effing picture of Stalin on the wall.

Hanging from the opposite wall in an L-shape from the dictator’s portrait, past the uglier and less necessary lamp set into the plaster between them, is a giant golden crest, the size of an adult toboggan, wreathed with molded ribbons and bundles of wheat and emblazoned with the state emblem of the Soviet Union covering the whole world and the sun rising beneath it. It’s not possible to overstate how completely huge it is, towering like it does over the gramophone sitting on the desk just below it.

But what is this room? Some office? The seat of power for some local politician? A place where you come to get papers signed? Perhaps once, but now, as the heavy bootfalls run their way up the hall, it becomes harder to miss the dust and the cracked paint, and as the silent soldiers filter in and take cover, it makes more sense why some of the drawers are hanging open and empty. When the grenade flies through the window and everyone leaves again, the office with the picture of Stalin on the wall seems quiet again, but when the explosion hits it all burns in the fire.

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Nice lighting. I feel like the devs are offering something that scratches the Day of Defeat or Return to Castle Wolfenstein itch. Not my cup of tea, but looks nice.