Dark Train FREE AND DRM-FREE, 50 cents and you got yourself a steam copy!

Ends today at 3 PM Pacific, too lazy to calculate how far away that is in central european time but in the meantime just head over to this page and get it for free/cheap while you can:


Oh bother, I don’t want to make an itch.io account though. Why can’t they just let me download it?

It looks like the Developer wants to give away steam keys but for some reason can’t through itch.io so they’re claiming that they will send everyone a key that signs up to their news letter once the giveaway is over. I suppose we’ll see if they keep that promise or not.

Huh, never mind. Reading further they’ve decided not to do that due to what they assume is a huge influx of illegitimate users trying to score keys for resale.


Ah, yes, the great dilemma of our times. To bother with another account or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I caved and made an account, snatched the soundtrack as well, more free digital items can’t hurt. :wink:

Also saw our very own @delenn13 has made a thread there and also caved in and bought the game, let’s see if i will too. Got until midnight if i’m not mistaken.

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Yea, i got it… And I paid a dollar for the steam key…they will give you one for 50 cents…

OT:My eyes are much better but i need to get new glasses…I am still pretty much a mess so I am still lurking. I went from 20/200 to 20/70 in both eyes. A lot of people end up not wearing glasses at all or maybe just for reading but I have a astigmatism so My eyes are improved but not perfect. I felt no pain…just a bit of itchiness and blurriness. I do feel at times i have hard contacts in my eyes because of the implants. And I times I do see strobe lights. but the worst part is having to keep track of all the (3 types)drops and when i need to apply them(3 times a day…5 mins apart). I finally was able to have a real shower with a plastic taped over my eyes to keep the water out.

I want to thank everyone for the concerns and well wishes.