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DARK SOULS III - 11/16/18 - $14


Today’s deal is DARK SOULS III!





Today’s sale is the Dark Souls of sales. You know, we realize people say that a lot, but this is literally the Dark Souls of reasons to call something the Dark Souls of something. We’ve got Dark Souls III, the Dark Souls of Dark Souls games on sale today for just 14 bucks, which is basically like the Dark Souls of price points. Can you tell we really like Dark Souls?

Maybe you haven’t heard, but these games are HARD. Like, REALLY hard, and by buying this game today, not only are you showing your Steam friends how hardcore and awesome you are, but you’re also showing yourself that you’re not a quitter. Because you’re NOT a quitter. You’re a gamer, and real gamers play Dark Souls.

And you know? Honestly, we were worried going in that we wouldn’t be able to write a product description worthy of such a brutally difficult and legendary game, but looking at it now, and the repetition, and the gruelling pace, and the fact that we actually to go back and check that we hadn’t made this joke before, we’re verifiably comfortable saying that this is the Dark Souls of ad copy too. Dark Souls.

The official trailer for DARK SOULS III:

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


A little early on the draw there @Ernin8t0r.
I know you’re a newbie and all but git gud!

Once this deal actually goes live you should all go ahead and get hold of it. I’ve been playing it since spring this year, with a bit of a break over summer due to heat. This might very well be the first and only game that I’ve even entertained the idea of going in for a NG+.

Although you’re also going to really want to get hold of the DLCs.

Come join us by the fire, before it fades.


Well that’s a whoops.


Guys he’s just really excited about DS3, as he should be.

Is this the lowest price it’s been before? No.

Has it been bundled for cheaper? Yes.

Should you buy it anyways cause it’s a fantastic game and that’s still a good price? Absolutely.


indeed, people missing the very obvious point here, @Ernin8t0r came in to work at 5am in the morning to make this, clear sign of exhilaration
-approve the early bird “spoiler” announcement :+1:


Price definitely is not something to scoff at, and with my newly acquired birthday boy bucks i should at least consider it. :eyes:


If this is the shape of things to come then I must ask…what are the winning Euromillions numbers for this weekend? Call it my need to know.


$14? Well, well, well! Looks like a Steam sale came early for DS3 guys!


Sorry, @Ernin8t0r. I was so busy yesterday I didn’t think to check the “timer time”. I was just thinking how everyone was going to love this one too! :thinking:




Look I just love ds3 ok???


off but where the new coin shop games?


Really fun game. Like, addictive and difficult, but quite fair. Honestly wouldn’t recommend the snowy DLC anyway, it’s rather disgusting and added little positive to my experience. Haven’t gotten around to finish the ringed city, it’s the better DLC for sure, but idk if I’d deem it necessary either. The main game takes a lot of time as is and is imho pretty close to perfect in terms of balance between exploration, fighting and story. Arguably the biggest downside is that it’s easy to miss out on a ton of “quests” on a blind playthrough.


Not enough blood yet shed, it would seem. My flail… bring me my flail!
What are you talking about? Ashes of Ariandel is great, it has the best boss fight in the entire game and the world is really interesting to explore in my opinion. A handful of new enemies that are proper challenges in their own right is great too after fighting mostly random hollows that pose little to no threat for most of the first half of the game.

I would however say it’s possible that it’s best experienced as part of the game rather than as something tacked on at the end. It should probably not have been a DLC in the first place so From could have done a little better job with putting it into the game at a ‘proper’ place to achieving a better balance between the two challenge-wise.

Ringed City is more interesting from a lore perspective than it necessarily is from a combat and challenge one. Sure there’s a couple of good boss fights but for the most part you’re going to be fighting mostly the same sort of enemies as the base game, the only really new things are weak and not worth worrying about. But it’s still an interesting new world to explore and there’s certainly challenge to overcome, even if some of it is mostly due to level design rather than tricky enemies.


I must have missed that one.

in yours, imho it was snowy white everywhere wt some random sprinkles of disgusting floor tumours. It’s not awful, but it’s far far far from very interesting. plays a bit like the cathedral of the deep wt less variation. Those mud crab reskins are also a joke, shameless reskin…uh…recolouring rofl


I would say that both DLC’s were great for what they where, they were new areas added to the game and thus follow the same rules, with counted exceptions, most areas in DSIII are monothematic with some diversity within the theme, you have theme variations because you have lots of areas, I agree with you on the crabs thou, they somewhat feel out of place, but in the end it all boils down to what you like or not.

@fraggles Ashes of Ariandel does feel like it should be on par with the story, but that would have affected the overall enemy level, as entering as is in the normal course of a gameplay is quite challenging at that point.


Well I really like snow though and while the crabs are clearly the same crabs as everywhere else they’re also the only reused enemy in the whole DLC. Even the basic hollow soldier type is mixed up with both unique fighting styles and abilities that you don’t see in any other area, same goes for the wolves as they do not fight at all like the other dogs in the main game.

As for snow that’s just what’s on the ground, the level variety is still there. You have open snowy plains and a small forest, you have snowy village with buildings to explore both interiors and roofs of lending some decent multi level exploration with a few optional paths and areas. Then there’s a snowy mountain with narrow paths, small valleys, nooks and crannies. The climbing section I’m not greatly fond of and wouldn’t call a level type of it’s own but it still a different challenge to adapt to and overcome.

@inferry yeah entering Ashes at the point where you first discover it is probably unwise, that’s a very steep jump in difficulty. I did try though and eventually got past the first couple of engagements, but the wolves had me turn back. It’s clear it wasn’t inserted into the game with linear progression in mind. I went into it again at a much later point in the game at SL80 and I found that was a very good choice.