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Dangerous Golf - 6/26/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Dangerous Golf!





Normally, we say “golf” and immediately you imagine a low, quiet, calm voice, explaining to you what you’re watching step-by-step. Not sure why golf has like, several features that seem designed to make you fall unconscious from boredom in real life, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think the game could use a few…changes. You know, just to give the young people something to care about while Dad and uncle Duckie wear their breathable nylon and smash iced tea after iced tea on the green.

And honestly, that’s why we should ALL love Dangerous Golf, a game that not only clearly believes that golf can be played literally anywhere, but also that’s let’s you, with a golf ball, reduce multiple familiar “non-golf course” settings to smouldering heaps of paper, fire, vegetable matter, mushed up meat, and fine art. It’s crazy that before, until this glorious game came out a few years back, that a sport where you put so much insane power behind every swing results in the most chill, boring, yacht club type stuff. Isn’t golf from ancient Scotland? Shouldn’t it be pure fury?

So you know, don’t wait. It’s possible that somewhere deep down inside your dark twisted soul, there’s a polite little human with smooth shoes, clean socks pulled up to their knees, and a nice little hat with a puffy oversized poofball on top just waiting to “hit the links”, whatever the hell that means, and what we’re saying is that for five bucks or so, Dangerous Golf could be the very thing that awakens it. The only pro golfer we know for sure is Tiger, and he’s good, but he’s also kind of in trouble, so don’t be him, but imagine you could be someone else just as good, who we don’t know the name of.

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Um… full on unabashed destruction of pretty much everything, is why I love the first Devil May Cry. As for this game, um, I thought golf was dangerous enough already. I sit corrected. O_o


This game is like that destruction mode from Burnout, but Golf. The novelty doesn’t last forever, but it’s great dumb fun.


I am pleasantly baffled and amused by the front page graphic. I already debated about buying it without even reading anything first, but I’ll look it up later. It looks interesting.


I spent pleasant 12h on this, it’s even somewhat skill based, I do recommend!


I’m a bit of a fanboi of Three Fields Entertainment. I adore the Burnout series and have lost serious amounts of hours to them - I still play Burnout 3: Takedown on its trusty original Xbox disc to this day.

I also own Dangerous Golf, Dangerous Driving and Lethal VR has been one of my most played games, with a long ongoing rivalry in my house to top the leader boards on as many levels as possible. Then I stumbled on the twitter account of their graphic designer so I stalk follow him there too.

Forgot where I was going with this… but um, as a TFE stan, I’d recommend you buy this :smiley: They’re just a small studio but their games are mostly consistently addictive time burners (pun intended). This one is less so than some of their others, admittedly, but its still a very neatly polished and fun game.


Time to see the legacy being created by the former staff of Criterion Games. I’ll bite and grab another copy for a friend.