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Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition - 5/9/20 - $5.99


Today’s deal is Dandara!





There are many characters out there in the world of games that we’d absolutely LOVE to wake up as. We know this because we’ve seen the internet, we’ve been to the cons, and we ALSO want to be Trevor Belmont for Halloween. Now keep in mind this doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the game, but rather that on top of all those great characters we want to be, there’s plenty of dope characters out there we’d rather not step foot into IRL.

For example, after asking around the office, we couldn’t find a single person who wanted to be Voldo from Tekken. Sure he tears it up in the ring with his strapped up look and his bizarre pokey hand thingies, but having to move around like that all the time would definitely be more weird than cool. Same thing with Rayman. Having no arms and legs would be way too effed up, and honestly, it kind of looks like it just hurts for him to be alive.

And now, we come finally to Dandara. Is she beautifully designed and sweet-looking? Of course. Is her world of Salt exquisitely designed? Abso-damn-lutely. But would we want to step into her shoes and bounce around from floor to ceiling to wall like she does to get around? No thanks. By jump 15 we’d probably be barfing all over everything we bounced on. However, don’t let that stop you from picking this game up today. Just look at the screenshots. Beautiful innovative metroidvania with incredible level design and movement? And it’s just six bucks? Sign us up. Just don’t sign us up to be Voldo.

The official trailer for Dandara:

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Bouncy bouncy, ceiling, floor, wall, ceiling, wall, floor, wall, ceiling, floor, zoom zoom, door, check map, scream “I DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION AND WENT THE WRONG WAY AGAIN DAMN IT!”, turn around, door, bouncy bouncy, ceiling, floor, wall…


I love a game that’s very unique and is executed well, and that’s what this game is.
I assume everyone has a controller, but if you don’t this game will be impossible to play.