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Crusader kings II {Giveaway} {closed}



no giveaway here.


Not really my jam but thank you for doing this! :grin:


Crusader Kings looks really interesting historically wise, and really hard to learn to play.


Right, so I started on a Let’s Play vid on Youtube. Gottat say - the game is deep! Thought Age of Empires was hard, O_o I understand the price tag now - it’s got so much to it!


It [Crusader Kings II] really isn’t that hard. It will seem complicated at first because of how the interface is laid out, but if you watch a good video or have a friend show you around in MP, you’ll get it in no time. It is far less complicated than EU4 or Victoria.

Once you get into it though, the game is extremely fun, especially with friends!


I added you on steam for frozen synapse, thank you for doing this