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Creepy Road - 7/1/19 - $3.50


Today’s deal is Creepy Road!





Flint Trucker stands at the railing by the loading dock out behind the rough and tumble local bar he likes to frequent between zombie-killing sessions. The cigarette sits in his mouth like it’s floating and the smoke slides up and out from the tip like a paint factory sitting on the horizon. If you look too long you begin to realize his teeth are huge, bigger even than his eyeballs, and when he speaks, from his cavernous mouth rumbles the low confident voice of an old cartoon bear.

“I may just be a Trucker, but where I’m from Truckers don’t run. Usually they drive…In their trucks… Look, speeches ain’t my strong suit, okay?” I ask him what it’s all for, what it is that motivates him to keep going in such a ruined and evil world. He spits a jet black loogie onto a zombified ant and it dies. My cameraman swears that it screamed. “I may be a simple man, but so far this is all for my Angelina. I’m coming soon, baby. Yesterday I shot an undead strong man in the face with a shotgun. He was bigger than a normal-sized hippo and his head could fit a smart car inside. Isn’t that wild?”

Despite it all, he remains a simple man with simple goals. To some, this is his greatest strength, but it definitely makes it hard to carry on a conversation out here because he just says whatever he wants. I wanted to know more about his upbringing, but he just said “I don’t know how, but the zombie plague ended up teaching the boars how to carry clubs. Why is that? I can shoot a pig to eat no problem, but when it walks on two legs like a man and starts using tools, I get to asking my questions.” He takes a long swig of his beer. “Also, I guess pandas are back?”

The mysteries of Flint Trucker continue to vex.

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This is the lowest Creepy Road has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $3.99 on Steam.

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Groovy Milk, what a unique business name! Love their weird icon! Even their website tosses in an adult word in a section nobody looks at (along with some weird PHP error).

So with a company like that, how can you say no to this game? I hope there will be a future DLC with Angelina involved as a playable character. Like maybe splitscreen co-op if online multiplayer isn’t feasible?

Also that boss near the end of the trailer is a bit cruel. One missile takes out half or more of your health? Yikes!