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Crea - 1/21/20 - $4.89


Today’s deal is Crea!




You. Yes, you out there, quietly reading this in the middle of your random and possibly even unsatisfying day: Crea is here for you. You are always welcome in Crea. Crea is anything. Crea is everything. Crea is another way to live. Now, stop. Ask yourself, what impossible thing are you imagining Crea is? We are here to tell you, gamer. It is even better than that.

Imagine…a world without indecision, where everything you do contributes directly to your own growth and status in the world. Imagine a place where there is always more to learn, and everything you fine makes sense. That, gamer is what Crea is…

Oh? What’s that you’re saying? Your new chosen religion? Umm…I think you might be a little confused. You know this is just a neat little sandbox rpg we’re selling for five bucks today, right? Wow…where was your head at? Are…you okay? Hey, what are you doing with that keyboard…Put that down, put that d-

The official trailer for Crea:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

Sale price info:
This it the lowest Crea has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.94 on Steam.

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Dang it! I told myself that when Crea comes back around I’d get it, but what bad timing. :sweat_smile: well either way hope others pick it up, played it on a friend’s account while he ran to walk a dog. Pretty fun!


I had this on my wishlist for ages, but no spanish language make it a bit of a deal breaker for me :frowning: Maybe I get it anyway.


Mod support is a very welcome feature.

Ok so I see a (very subjectively speaking) bug where people couldn’t enjoy’s deals. I’ll try my best to fix it, but I am sorta broke here (Winter Holidays didn’t help). But I do hate to see bugs. I’m hoping you guys are able to use the key because I have no idea what the region restrictions are.

ZY * M4 * 6-VG0 * NT-M?4W * J

? is a letter. Asterisks are to be ignored to hopefully change the format of a Steam key and fool any bots (yes I’m that naive on understanding how bots actually work). Please confirm when you figure it out and activate it (or used a bot and stole the key when it’s meant for the Chrono community, in which case, welcome to the community and please stop using that bot).


I tried, but it told me I had tried too often so I’m locked out of activating keys for time unknown :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you :stars: It was either start at A or Z and I chose to go with Z and bam! It worked first try. Looks like a really neat title. Thanks again for being awesome.


Congratulations @NME1 and thanks for letting us know!

Aw @Four sorry to hear that! Maybe I’ll look into doing this more often with more hints to reduce the chances of a lockout. I forgot there was an attempt limit. I just need to save up more before I can do it again.


u locked me out of getting a new game twice in just one evening :expressionless:


Sorry to hear that, that really sucks!