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I mean we have a pretty harsh environment of cancel culture raging on at the moment. Anyone landing on the wrong side of the rabid mob whether they have a point or not are getting purged right now, which would help explain the sponsor drops and other platforms blindly following suit.

But yeah no there’s probably something going on here, though the largest indicator of that is his silence on the subject. Twitch is still a zoo ran by the monkeys though, and not even the smarter varieties at that.


I was going to say Can you believe the stupidity??..But giving that it’s 2020, I am SURE someone will post something ever stupider :crazy_face:


It’s a payout not enough to cover the hospital bill or the funeral, so I will pass, thanks.


It’s Alabama… i hate to say it, but yes, very much so.


oh, so it’s basically more like family reunions then


Because using a platform with a dominant child audience to spread your political goals will TOTALLY pan out, right?



The hell is going on now? I’ve seen the page when the price was lower during a discovery queue, and yep, it’s doubled now.


Some people claim that even on Epic the price has been increased in their region. For the moment, it’s at 95 BRL for me. Is it Epic doing their thing or is it just Sony? Who knows.

People are obviously raging at the steam discussions because of this act…

Well, I didn’t have any interest in the game, but for those who had from the affected regions, it’s a groin punch for sure.


hm, I didn’t even know it was being sold on EGS so i never checked the price there before. As of now, it stands at $22.99 for me, so if that price were to remain stable, I might buy it there when it releases for $12.99 with that $10 coupon they gave me. (can’t use it on pre-purchases, which i would do here just in case they raise the price later)


It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something

not sure this is news-worthy, but it’s certainly dumb and crazy

I can only guess his goal is to siphon black voters from Biden in order to help Trump.


I mean we are talking about Kanye West here. If it were any other personality like The Rock, yeah it’d be crazy to think of, but Trump and Reagan (I think) were entertainment personalities before becoming seriously involved in politics, so you never know.


@M00 Yea, Reagan an actor, so maybe, but um… Not feeling it, unless he has political background no one has ever mentioned in a big way before.




All the commentators could say was “That cannot be right.” again and again…



Methinks there will be a new award nominee soon…

:neutral_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk:



Crazy and just a little bit scary news today

In short:
China has decided to pass a new law which makes it illegal to criticize China outside of China, in particular in regards to Hong Kong. Explicitly stated to apply globally.

This of course does not mean they will start issuing extradition requests to anyone and everyone and obviously doesn’t mean any other government would comply. But it does strengthen their position to squash dissent within media and entertainment companies desiring to do business in china and has given them even stronger justifications for moving against anyone who would produce anything which has anything critical to say about China. This also of course puts an even greater pressure on expatriate Chinese individuals, especially those with relatives still in the country.

Turns out the US also now finally passed the order to cease differential treatment of Hong Kong, partly as a result of these laws being passed by China in Hong Kong. I haven’t managed to chrew through the whole executive order, but if you have a bigger appetite for legalese than me, have your fill:

Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend

I often wish some of the tensions could be not so high. I haven’t traveled recently but makes me think twice about it. I have a lot of family back in China, only my parents and myself are here in the US. We are all US citizens and been here forever.


I’m just gonna put this here cuz it’s still a very weird situation

tl;dr there’s rly no new information, lol



nice, obtaining 12-year-olds’ contact info with fake xbox controller giveaways…