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Crawl - 6/15/19 - $5


Today’s deal is Crawl!





You know how when people in movies have killed a lot of people, and they love to say fake deep things like “I’m haunted by the ghosts of my past”? Can you imagine if you murdered like 3 people and they all haunted you at once? Like you come home from work and the ashtray flies at your face and your dog’s walking on two legs and speaking Belarussian and your bookshelf falls over and breaks your leg, and you just have to be like “dang it I wish I didn’t kill those guys”?

Well what we’re saying today is…what if there was a game just like that? Half Mario Kart, and half living with your mistakes, it’s CRAWL! Have you ever played hot potato with being alive? You can in CRAWL! Have you ever been rolling through a dungeon looking for treasure and then the ghost of your friend jumps into a flamethrower and burns your whole body off? It can happen in CRAWL! And that’s why you should buy it!

Why are we so worried about going through life with the mistakes we’ve made weighing on our shoulders so heavily? Did you ever think about what those ghosts have to gain? They’re just giving you the business so that they can be alive and take all your glory? Sound familiar? Hopefully it shouldn’t! But if it does, buy CRAWL and process some of those issues today, baby! And for everyone else, just get yourselves this great dungeon crawling party game where you kill your friends over and over until someone comes out alive. CRAWL: It’s a tug of war between life and death! Have fun!

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Already got the game, and it is really fun. Only played it with my brother so far, but I’m looking forward to get one or two friends to join us on the couch. :slight_smile:


I have played this lots of times with friends. It’s the best couch game I’ve ever played. Trust me, you won’t regret buying this game… Unless you don’t have any friends… But even then: you could always use Parsec.


100% agreement. Definitely a must if you are a regular couch co-oper.

This and Space Beast Terror Fright are my go to’s when hanging out with friends!


Being a friendless cretin, I had hoped that the theme and pixel art would carry the game for me. Sadly, they did not. YMMV, and I can see the party element adding a layer of fun.