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Crawl - 6/10/20 - $3.75


Today’s deal is Crawl!





Hello traveler! I’m a little merchant and expeditioner called Chunk! Someday I hope to be a meat spider or a bone golem! But anyway, uh yeah, there’s been a little confusion about today’s game here on the Chrono website, and since I spend a lot of time in dungeons, maybe even more than most heroes, I’m here to set the record straight!

As you know, the game is called Crawl, and though it admittedly kinda sounds like it, it’s actually not a physics based human baby simulator game. It’s actually more like Hyper Light Drifter meets musical chairs, except the chairs are one living body and the music is a bunch of ghosts flying around trying to kill you. Kill the human, become the human, and keep crawling through the dungeon, ya dig?

Haha, ahh, does that make sense? No? Well trust me, when you’re sitting there with your friends screaming and yelling because you were about to beat the boss until one of your friends spawned a goat monster to distract you and then killed you by possessing a chair and beating you to death with it. Anyway, I’m just a lump of flesh with eyes and a mouth and please buy this game! I’m here on commission! Thanks!

The official trailer for Crawl:

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Here’s review from our fav bug person, @hivefleetbothan:


And I’ll go ahead and leave this here:

I never did find out if VALVe took up on Powerhoof’s offer to put Crawl characters into their games, as a crossover response to Powerhoof putting Gabe Newell in the game presumably without asking.