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CounterAttack - 8/6/19 - $8.24


Today’s deal is CounterAttack!





Hey listen, so, I don’t really know how to say this. No, seriously, I want to invite you to the game night we’re having this weekend, we’re all gonna hang out and play that game CounterAttack we bought from Chrono earlier, and I’m having trouble saying the name of the party because it’s too controversial…okay! Wait, you’re right. I’ll say it…dude, will you come to our shoot ‘em up party?

…What? You think it’s silly to be worried about saying something like that? You think it’s a joke to worry about saying stuff like that when there’s real evil in the world? Well listen; you know what a shmup is, and I know what a shmup is, but unless you’ve specifically heard that means it’s a 2D scrolling action game where you pilot your tiny spacecraft through a hail of giant glowing bullets, you might think it’s something way more serious and call the flippin’ cops on me, man!

And you know what? It doesn’t even matter that there’s no one around, you know that? Ever heard of a thing called Siri? Ever heard of Alexa? They’re always listening. One day, I’m gonna be hanging out at the burger shack inviting you to my shmup party, the next I’ll be in jail for domestic terrorism! Bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Well, think again, because even if I WAS unjustly imprisoned by a dystopian police state, there’s no way you’re taking my PC home, so just forget about it, okay? Now just buy a copy of CounterAttack and come hang out, okay! Even if you wanna stay home, it’s got an 8-person mode online!

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You had me at “8-person mode online.” Bought 2 copies.

It’s like online multiplayer hacking/cracking games… Rare breed because game design wise, it’s not easy to execute well.