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Countdown for the Coin Shop


It would be nice to see when a new game will release. Just saying “every two weeks” is not really helpful because sometimes I dont see a new game for months.

Add more games to the shop -.-

Be vigilant! Since the number of keys are limited, what probably happens is the new games get sold out quickly before you see them.

I myself have missed 2 games I really wanted because they were sold out so quickly. Since it is every other week, it is hard to tell which week it is coming since we all have busy lives. So I just check every Friday no matter what.


They have been coming out every two weeks. There was an exception or two but it has never been multiple months between new ones :slight_smile:

Here’s an unofficial countdown:


Be nice if that countdown was displayed on the Coin shop, it wouldn’t matter to me personally because I mostly check each week but I feel it would be a handy thing to display.


I think it is set up like that on purpose: keeps you coming back to check :slight_smile:


You are definitely not alone there




it would, but, there be reasons for not disclosing the time 100% accurate (one of which is simply just to leave the chrono staff a bit of leeway, among others)

^ :+1:

but as for helpfulness at least we know the approximate time it happens


so far it has been pretty spot on, every other friday around time of/right after Daily Deal reset
so next time would be in a week, Friday the 28th december a little after deal resets, -and then 2 weeks from that and so on and son on


If you’re not seeing a new game it’s just because it sold out. I can’t remember a time we’ve actually not had new coin shop games every two weeks.


y but my great-grandma told me she clearly remembers it happened at least twice during the great war


To piggy back in this older post a bit, I also made an extension (for tampermonkey/greasymonkey) which pulls the coin shop to the frontpage and adds the same rough countdown for more games :slight_smile: