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Condemned: Criminal Origins - 8/29/20 - $3.74


Today’s deal is Condemned: Criminal Origins!




The official trailer for Condemned: Criminal Origins:

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This game plays great with all the lights off and with headphones. Trust me :wink:


Played it when it came out. Truly the only game that genuinely scared me, makes Outlast feel like childs play, for me atleast.


So much want. SO much want.

(should not buy another game I can’t run well yet)

SOOOOOOOOOO much want.


What’s wrong with your PC? I played it on a laptop from 2011 and it ran fine.


Hm… It should work, but sometimes I get a Pixel Shader issue. Intel HD 3000 isn’t exactly new.


I remember seeing my friend play this. Damn those psychopaths are fast. And all he was using was a 2x4 like it was Splatterhouse.