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Chrono Rally League 🏁


I just reviewed some footage of mine, seems like I subconsciously let off the gas a bit before the car gets airborne and I take the corner at around 90 instead of 100-110. I guess that doesn’t count as flat-out. My bad.

Let’s go with pra d’alart, (at night). Not descending but it’s very technical and the r4 cars have enough horsepower to drive us up the mountain. A part of the track should also be familiar to some of us.

Here’s some reference for any struggling participants


oops sorry my bad.


That video is amazing. Those guys drive like it’s a video game, no fear. So impressive.


I wonder how often those guys get 15-sec penalties for killing innocent bystanders; those are the worst.


Congratulations to @Doomy for once again winning this week and @nme1 for also scoring a sub 3 minute run, really well done. These cars seemed far more suitable for the road conditions of wales than previous week’s selection.

Week 45 Pant Mawr
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy SEAT Ibiza kitcar 02:52.409
2 NME1 Peugeot 306 Maxi 02:59.926
3 DontBeSilly SEAT Ibiza kitcar 03.00.192
4 Pylinaer SEAT Ibiza kitcar 03:05.109
5 Frag-ile SEAT Ibiza kitcar 03:07.992
6 M00 Peugeot 306 Maxi 03:16.892
7 onLooSe Peugeot 306 Maxi 03:33.008
8 YQMaoski SEAT Ibiza kitcar 03:35.341

Both man and machine needs rest once in a while, but beasts just carry on. So we’re sending those of you who want to continue back to Monte Carlo for a doozy of a track.

Pra d’Alart seems to be a highly technical stage with a lot of sharp corners and narrow roads winding themselves up a mountain. If that wasn’t enough once you’re about 80% done the road surface changes to snow and ice just to mess up your hitherto perfect run. To make things even more interesting we’re doing it at night for the first time and just to mess things up a bit more it will also be snowing. So make sure your screenshots also include time and weather information.

Just the one car this week and it’s a noisy one, not sure what’s going on with it but they should probably take it over to the service area and get that checked out.

As I mentioned earlier I will be taking a break for this week and I encourage anyone to also take some time off. Week 46 is a bonus stage still open to anyone who wants to try it of course.

Enjoy your time off or fight with this stage.


Thanks! Pretty sure I did the 2:52.409 in the SEAT, but I don’t think I posted a screenshot. Not that it really matters since both cars are so similar.

This weeks track is around 7 minutes long so it’ll be interesting to see how close we can get our times. Goodluck everyone and good rest for the others :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s been corrected. Though as you said you never posted that time, I had a time that’s like 99ms or something faster that I never bothered posting myself which really doesn’t matter.

I keep glancing over at this thread and wanting to play now, but dammit I said I’m taking a week off and so I shall.


You can always play through a championship if you feel an urge to get behind wheel without the strain of keep on improving your time.


make that 8 minutes long…


Lancer Evo is my favorite car, even though we don’t have them here, so please look after my babi, don’t want any of you wrecking it. :fearful:


I’m gonna be driving it on it’s rims, is that okay?






Oofff… That was rough…


Now this is a rally stage…



So I don’t have much time to improve runs lately, which is a shame. I thought it was a fun stage this week, definitely challenging. What shall we do next week?


Sorry guys, but I’m here to inform you of my early retirement. Rage 2’s new DLC is 15 GB and since I do plan on eventually finishing that game and I had almost no space left, I had to delete Dirt Rally (well, I had to delete something, and it was already a tight squeeze installing it to begin with along with all the other games i have [rdr2 is on another drive]) (though I do keep Dirt Rally 2 installed for whenever the urge comes up, so maybe one day in a few years I’ll meet u all in that again)


Yeah same here, best I could get was this time:


Welcome back everyone to the winter season of the Chrono Rally league. But first let me congratulate those of you who braved last week’s bonus round and particularly @Doomy for once again taking the top spot on this treacherous track.

Week 46 Pra d’Alart
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 06:57.116
2 NME1 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 07:07.049
3 Pylinaer Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 07:17.815
4 YQMaoski Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 08:23.764

Winter is coming so we’re now going to be playing around more in bad weather going forward and what better to start with than some heavy autumn rains?

We’re returning to Germany for this week, Kreuzungsring Reverse should look somewhat familiar to you as this is the final bit of Oberstein but we’re starting at the finish line this time. This stage is a pretty high speed track with several long straight stretches where you can really push to go as fast as possible. The rain will complicate matters a little however, at low speeds you might be tricked into thinking it’s not so bad and it wont be until you’re trying to hug a corner at 90km/h. Grip will be lost when you need it the most.

We’re bringing out the latest and greatest today, at least you’d think that to be the case with the 2010 selection. These 4 cars are remarkably similar in how they feel to drive. The only really “special” mention goes out to the Hyundai, which has managed an interior design that has the steering wheel completely block your view of the dashboard, So you can’t tell what gear you’re in, what your speed is or much of anything really.

Although a little late, sorry about that, I’m happy to announce the opening Chrono Rally League of week 47!
Have fun everyone and drive carelessly.