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Chrono is No. 4!


We beat GOG!:+1:t3: :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Let’s get it!!!


i did not realise fanatical was such a strong candidate, beating chrono and GOG too
i have not even heard of it before joining this forum and reading around on here


They changed their name. They used to be Bundle Stars.


yeah i see that but that does not ring a bell either
they were already fanatical when i first heard of them


I guess you are lucky that you hang out with us now. You know all the cool places to get great deals :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hmmm, I might have to start checking out these bundle sites. Could do with adding a few games to my library.




Don’t do it!


Apologies. I was being facetious :wink:



I can certainly relate to this statement. I had no idea about most of these sites before joining here.


seems chrono is up to more antics :thinking:
yo, chrono… whaaatcha doin?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :blush:
just watched PhillyD -that was a surprise :open_mouth:

:clap: congrats on the awsome partnership :+1:



been watching that show a long time, cool to see him plug this place. More exposure for Chrono is always great!


I’m glad I found I don’t even remember how I found it. But at least more people will learn about it.

Maybe needs to start having bundles like everyone else? :rofl:


Maybe next April 1? :smiley:


You were lured by shiny coins i presume!


Definitely was lured by shiny coins but can’t remember how I got here either, lol

Yay for Chrono! I love this site. :slight_smile:


That’s really great to hear! Thanks for the sweet comment! <3


I’m pretty sure I heard about chrono from BigfryTv on YouTube. I think he still does sponsors with them occasionally if not frequently. It really catches my attention now! Haha


i’ll always remember who pointed me in chrono’s direction (both times :smile:)

rest in peace big guy, may the tunes be heavy and loud wherever you are, hail to the king :metal: