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I tried reading up a bit on reasons why such a warning happens and the only concrete thing I could find that would trigger it is an issue with certifications, whether they’re expired or self signed. I found an article about FF making just such errors more specific so there’s now one that warns for man in the middle attacks specifically and others for other particular issues. They all used to be a generic “not safe” warning up until some point last year.

So the fact that you’re getting a generic not safe warning means it’s not one of the greater specific threats as far as I can tell. But since the certificate is active and verified I really don’t know. I’m running FF Quantum up to date version 68.0 (32bit).

The site also doesn’t demand any real information out of you to use it. Don’t have to log in to your steam account, just put your name/ID into it. So I don’t see what if anything it could possibly try to steal.


yea i’ve got 68.0 too, the 64bit version tho, strange it’s just me -then again “strange” is nothing new to firefox’ functionings


I dunno, have you tried again? I’m running the latest Firefox as well.


yup, multiple times even :blush:


Tried it and no issues with using it - have got Chrome and Win 10.

@Buzzyboii Only got BL2 on your list.



I didn’t really know what to put on the poll, so I just decided to pick random games from suggestions and some from my library. Sorry.

I would recommend going to [Board game night] for a more organized, cohesive, and well-developed thread.