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My message was sarcastic. I only know 2 maps. :sweat_smile:


Definitely down for CSGO as well.


Count me in if you need somebody to step on to rank up :smiley: I have notorious bad luck in this game. Don’t actually know how the party setup works though.


CSGO might just be a good contender for a game night since everyone can probably access it in some way.

Now it begs the question - would anyone even want to play CSGO?

  • Yes
  • No

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Oh, I am down for CSGO as well.

One fact: I am really, really bad in that game, however if you want a partner like me… :call_me_hand:t5:


We’re all bad in some way :man_shrugging:


Think we should get a list of people who are interested in playing which games? might help keep it a bit organized.


Who is down for some CSGO just now?

I’ll be in the Chrono Discord channel if you’re down: (link expires in 24 hours)


I’ll make a list on the original post.

Make game suggestions from this point on.


Quick browse through my steam library for a few multiplayer games I wouldn’t mind playing.
Duck Game
I am not a monster
Planetside 2
Speed runners
TOXIKK (maybe)
Tribes Ascend (I wish, it’s dead though)
Warhammer Vermintide 2


Links to lesser-knowns. With :gem: on those that fulfill 3 criteria:
A. can be played with at least 5 players,
B. many of you own and
C. are/seem really fun:

  • :gem: Borderlands

  • :gem: Borderlands 2

  • Broforce

  • Castle Crashers

  • :gem: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Action, cooperative/competitive. 20 players max.

  • :gem: Don’t Starve Together
    Survival, cooperative. 6 players max by default, can be increased to up 64 with mods.

  • Dungeon Defenders
    Tower Defense RPG, cooperative. 4 players max.

  • Dungeon of The Endless
    RTS, cooperative. 4 players max.

  • For Honor

  • Invisigun Heroes
    Pixelated, 2-D. Sealth and action. Lovely hidden gem. 4 players max. Competitive.

  • :gem: Murderous Pursuits
    Stealth game, 3 modes: Hunter, Free-for-All and Elimination. Never played, but many of you own it!

  • Tooth and Tail
    RTS, competitive. 4 players max, 2v2.

  • :gem: Witch It
    "Hide-and-Seek" kind of game; two teams: the witches (hiders) and ogres (seekers). Several players.

PERSONALLY I’d love to play Don’t Starve Together, Murderous Pursuits, Witch It and Chivalry (because I’m late to the bloody party and own it since 2015 and never touched it.) But I’m up for all the others, really. :+1:


I could go for Vermintide 2 and I am not a monster.


I don’t see why wanting to play vermintide 2 would make you a monster. You’re alright by me mate.



Witch It looks like a great deal of fun though i do not have it.

I have Castle Crashers,Chivalry,For Honor,Murderous,Tooth and Tail so could drop in any of those.


if you own a lot of games, (and don’t have a sorting ui/extension), a quick way to list your eligible mp/coop games and then check for ones you’d like to play (games info must be public, also if signed in via steam)
scroll down a bit, click “products”, and set a filter, like “online co-op”, “multiplayer”, “online multiplayer”, “co-op”, image
then steamdb will list all your owned games in that category, you can then skim through to see if there are some you’d like to play with people/chronies


I’ve been using for purposes like this, allows you to mix and nix tags you want or don’t to find games in your list. This one also of course requires your games to be public.

Better yet you can enter several users and see which games you have in common as well. So it is brilliant if you want to find a game any particular group can play together.


hmm, my firefox don’t seem to like them atm :thinking:


I’d be down with chivalry. It’s been years since I played but I remember it being fun.


Will list all games at the top, thanks for the game suggestions, everyone.