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Chrono Creator Stores are a mistake.


Totally understand you and at the same time doesn’t hurt anyone to have such concept… I barely watch content creators myself now… but I see it working like advertising going both ways>

Doesn’t hurt to check what content creators tied to chrono has to offer and if you like the games they have on discount - grabbing them. Maybe check what the content creator has to show about them as well and you might like their content and get hooked to watching. Or you just might be fan of the creator and buy the games he has to offer to support him + devs + chrono.

Works both ways pretty great. I think it’s great concept if the said streamer / content creator can’t get his own deal with the Devs about the game he loves the most that is.


There is something to stop that right here


Must’ve been added since last time I checked, or I missed it. Thanks!


No worries, it’s actually been there for quite a few months


Hey y’all, just wanted to jump in for some quick clarification! The daily deal isn’t going anywhere, and we’re not trying to force anyone to go anywhere or anything like that. Creator stores are a way for content creators to have another line of revenue and support for their viewers and fans to access!

TLDR: The daily deal isn’t going anywhere, we’ll still be nettin y’all sweet deals on the daily \( ̄▽ ̄)/


Maybe we need an clearer definition of what a “content creator” is…

because “us little people” don’t understand…


We don’t have a great definition either tbh (for what a ‘content creator’ is). We’re thinking of how to message the product so it’s not limiting - from a super high level perspective basically what we want to build is a way to offer our suite of tools to anyone to have their own digital store (tools like payment processing, access to games, ability to sell those games/products without worrying about IP issues or distribution, web dev, etc.). Simply put in order to build Chrono we’ve had to do a lot of very very hard things that you only have to do once but can then scale to as many outputs as you’d like - so why not offer it to other folks? Of course there’s business interest as we also grow any time a sale happens through the platform, but hopefully we’re adding significant value to the other sides (the people running the stores and the folks making the games).

Until we fix that branding/messaging problem feel free to think of Creator Stores as for anyone who makes ‘content’ (text/video/live/etc.) that other gamers consume/watch/enjoy. So if you love watching someone’s YouTube channel, or reading their blog, or like their cosplay, or anything else - maybe they should have their own “Creator Store”?

All of that still sounds super vague but hopefully it’s a bit helpful.


So it’s like in a way. I get an email from about things that are happening(sales, free stuff, updates) there plus I get emails from certain channels/stores I sign up for on my own…And everyone gets a piece of pie.

I am trying to go for a simple explanation here…


Hahaha sorta. Basically it’s a way for anyone to have their own with their personal branding featuring the games they love. The best way to understand it is to look at the ones we have live, like,,, etc


OK, I joined all the Twitters, Youtubes, Twitch…etc of all the store owners plus I tried to retweet anything of value…etc. Just keep in mind I don’t have enough time in the day to keep tabs on 3 separate stores…And I know it will get bigger as this catches on…

Will there be an email or RSS feed or something going out from you guys noting changes, deals, sales etc that we can sign up for?


That’s very nice of you, but don’t feel that you have to do that, it’s a lot!

We’re planning on adding accounts/email notifications about new games and deals for individual creator stores in the future.