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Chrono Creator Store - What do you expect?


(Not sure if I should put this in site feedback or leave it on the topic of the Creator Stores. Feel free to change it if need be.) Being curious and looking up information to see what I could expect from at the time the only thing I could possibly expect of a tantamount exchange of the coin shop, I found something very, very, interesting of the Creator Stores from last year… If you need more info about what the Creator store is about, visit here.

Now filled with anticipation for what is to come, I would like to know the opinions of the people and hear what they expect, to what they want to see. From both the people who are to create their own store, and the people who are to use the creator stores themselves.

What I expect is what I already said, at least an equivalent value, a tantamount exchange for what the coin shop was worth, and I do have full faith that the people working at Chrono were able to do at least that for the Creator shops to come. What I want to see, at least from the creator’s point of view is to have a system where if possible grey market sellers buying off of the site and to have a system build in to inform the creator of such suspicious activities. I would also like to see that if there are small games creators want to give out for free or merely a demo, they are allowed to do so on here.

So what do you expect to see and want to see coming from the Creator stores?

Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza

I only want to know one thing.

Does it require a credit/debit card?

If so, then that’s a dealbreaker. Such is wealth-based privilege I’ve no access to.


It is a store in which the creators of games get to interact and the like when there audience, you bet that there would be use of such a card… however, I have been giving out this idea…

So I would very much assume in the future that Chrono coins will still be a thing, except instead of the main Chrono team to buy the merchandise, it would be the creators who would give out there own stuff.
Then again, this is the hopes of someone who does not work for Chrono, so you would have to be in the watch yourself.


Hmm. It needs to be something automated since the personnel are few.

Probably something that puts more responsibility onto creators instead of the website admins.

It can’t be something as simple as a creator organizing a game give-a-way for subscribes/likes/shares/etc.

Possibly a method for affiliate links/purchases to give players a possible discount and pay the affiliate a % of the total spent. And since a store is mentioned, I guess merchandise like mugs and shirts too.

The goal is to somehow reward popular gamers with significant followings. But it’s a hurdle to figure out how.

I have no idea how they can add a coin feature into this.


I meant to sign up for the creators’ store at all, is that digital currency information required.

I don’t even want to bother to try to sign up for something that’s going to require such info because it is not something I have.


I would assume the account you have is already all you need. If you wish to buy anything that is of cash value, then of course you would need a card to do so, however I believe that with the account you’ve already made would be enough for the hypothetical coin shop(s) of the future to enter into that freely.

However once again I do not work for Chrono, so I cannot give you a complete knowing answer. If you want to TRY to ask, PM @lonin and see what you can get from that sweet pup.


If everything had a coin feature it would be abused to heck…
So discounts may be a better turn on how the coins may be used.
If someone wanted to give free digital merch which then could be given in the coin shop to spead to other people,
That could work as well.
A lot of things do need to be thought out to make this work.