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Chrono Book Club, by Chronies, For Chronies


existential horror is still horror, so I think the genre will continue to do fine.

For Halloween try reading (if you haven’t already): American Psycho, A Clockwork Orange, Lovecraft, Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos… or make it a surreal holiday and read House of Leaves.


I misread: “A feast for Crows” for “A feast of @harith


I know this is about books and I love a good horror story by Stephen King. Hollywood has done up a lot of stories into movies…A bunch of them are listed here:

Read the book…watch the movie…They are a great creep fest!


Ahhhhh, finally I finished “The Way Of Kings” which was really good but it got under my skin a little bit, becausemonths of just reading the same book really did something to my mental state,
And now, to be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to continue the series, finish Mistborn or start reading WarCross.


Just wanted to comment on one particular Book-to-Scream adaptation on the list; World War Z. The movie pretty much only used the name and overall was a pretty generic zombie action flick. The book on the other hand is in my humble opinion quintessential reading for any zombie/post-apocalyptic fan out there. Or anyone really! It’s told in a very original way and on a long timescale while giving a global view of the advancing situation. Also answers some question about zombies I didn’t even think to ask, thanks to the aforementioned points. Agh, just read it!


I’ve also been toying with the idea of buying an eReader, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. One thing I’d pay close attention to when selecting a device though is the DRM implementation. Don’t really know about the current situation, but at least I would love to read my own PDFs and other stuff in addition to the books offered in the official store or w/e of that device.


Mhmmm! I was reading some reviews around eReaders I’d to buy and seemingly the Kindle (or only ebooks) has a restriction for ebooks purchased on Amazon store and that is not transferable for other devices. To be honest, this is not a deterrent factor I think.


I have a Kindle Paperwhite. Bought it some 3/4 years ago… (woah I feel old)

You can add any file that can be read by the Kindle to the Kindle. Even if you didn’t acquire it through amazon.

However, if you buy an Amazon ebook, you can’t read it in a Kobo (another kind of e reader), for example. And vice versa.

Tbh, the Kindle has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and it serves me really well to this day. I highly recommend it. :blush:

A tip is not to go with the simplest kindle (I forget the model name) because it doesn’t have built-in light. You want that otherwise you’ll bee too restricted in your night readings and will have to rely on lamps etc.

No need to get anything fancier than the Paperwhite, though. I don’t even know why voyage is a thing tbh unless you want to look fancy and get some buttons on the side. :woman_shrugging:


Not that I’d advocate book piracy or anything (Yarr!), but if you have a Kindle you can use an e-book management software called Calibre along with some DRM-removal plugins (I’ll leave the Googling of “calibre remove drm” as an exercise to the readers of this post) to strip Amazon’s DRM from the files you paid for. Once you’ve done that you can convert them to the device-agnostic ePub format (or pretty much any ebook format you want) and upload them to other devices, or just back them up as a precautionary measure. You can also use Calibre to convert eBooks that were acquired elsewhere to Amazon’s preferred form and either load them directly to your device or you can email them up to Amazon’s cloud storage for your account and then pull them back down on your device.

With that out of the way, I, too, would agree that getting my mitts on a Kindle Paperwhite definitely changed my reading experience for the better. Sure, it doesn’t have the feel of a physical book in my hands, but it has allowed me to read a LOT more books on the cheap (Kindle Daily Deals are the bane of my wallet). It’s also really convenient to be able to have what would effectively be a huge stack of books with me in one small device that easily fits in my backpack. I would definitely recommend one to anyone who is a bibliophile, and considering you can frequently get them on sale or as a refurb for a fairly low price, they’re almost a no-brainer pick-up.


I have heard a lot of good things about Paperwhite, given how the cost-benefit ratio. How @nassi and you said, I’d love to read my own PDFs and other stuff as well, without any fuss.

Thus, Kindle Paperwhite is definitely much better in my situation than the others devices.

Black Friday is coming… :star_struck::hugs:


I use a Nook Glowlight myself (the old good kind) but if I was without an ereader I’d personally opt for the Kobo Aura One.



Kobo Aura One: U$ 229.99
Kindle Paperwhite: U$ 45 (used)

I think the Paperwhite has a better cost-benefit for someone’s first e-reader. :blush:

@techparadox totally forgot about Calibre even though I use it myself :woman_facepalming:

Thanks so much for sharing and clarifying! :hugs:


I don’t disagree over being a first ereader, but knowing what I know now that’s what I’d go for. As far as a first ereader goes I’d honestly recommend what I use, the Barnes and Noble Nook, or even a basic old (read no longer available) Kobo. I hate being in a closed ecosystem and whilst you can convert things with Calibre epub is a far more widely available format.

Plus as far as pdf’s are concerned the Aura One tends to do very well in a format that’s horrible on ereaders.


Since I had nothing to read, and Sherlock Holmes, A Study In Scarlet, was just hanging around my IBooks shelf and a friend said that it was good, I decided just to read it until I make up my mind of what I’m going to read next


That mustache…


I am now reading ‘Altar of Eden’ to break up the monotony of long monographs on things like ‘Malaria and Mosquito evolution’ and ‘The Evolution of Beauty’. Seems interesting enough, though it may not have the greatest characters or pacing.


Just finished Book 2 of StormLight Archives “Words Of Radiance”

It’s now my favorite book, and I classify The StormLight Archives series a must read, even though there’s still about 4 books I haven’t read in it.


I just finished Sand County Almanac a few days ago. Although it is centered around the Midwest USA (specifically Wisconsin) I think this is a MUST READ BOOK, it is poetic poignant and moving.


Just finished “EdgeDancer” book 2.5 in “The StormLight Archives”

I don’t usally read .5,s but the character and overall story in this one seemed really interesting so I gave it a shot. I do not regret a thing, this is a must read of your reading “The StormLight Archives” series.