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What topics in particular? I am a huge fan of his theories of personality as well as his later (more nihilistic) work.
Any thoughts on Yung?

@all although I haven’t read the witcher, but I HAVE read:

I think I have a basic understanding of the plot.

Upon reflection, I may have revealed too much… Ah well.


Foolish past me :expressionless:
I can’t really say what my favorite book series is because I haven’t actually decided, It’s between MistBorn, and Legend by Marie Lu

Also I would put my GoodReads account here, but can’t figure out how to link it.


I’ve never been a huge reader, because I lack the concentration, I believe. Even when I’m reading a magazine my thoughts drift away as my eyes glance across the text and I have to start the paragraph over. So that being said I can count the books I’ve read on one hand excluding the stuff you gotta read in school and most of them were about psychology or something related to it. The two novels I can recommend are At The Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft and… well, I just checked and there’s no English translation of it, so I what’s the point of sharing it. :sweat_smile:
However, one of the psychology reads that improved my life immensely has a translated version. Anxiety by Fritz Riemann. I actually need to reread this sometime!


@Rhyagelle thanks for the short stories! Gonna check them out. I’d also love those pictures – and I have a few book pictures to share as well, after you.

@hivefleetbothan I read anything by Freud, honestly. It’s depends on the topic picked by teachers/lectures/etc.

Right now we’re reading about the patient/psychoanalyst interaction and its implications due to transference. Not something I’d strongly recommend reading unless you’re familiar with loads of things beforehand – e.g. The unconscious (that’s how you refer to it, not that other term that came out of some guy’s ass 200 years ago and stuck around).

If anyone feels like giving Freud a shot and dunno where to start, chapter 7 of The Interpretation of Dreams (1899/1900) is where it’s at, to get the beginnings of his psychic map.

Make sure to get the Anna Freud translation. I also believe it’s public domain.

What later texts of his have you read, hive?

As for Jung, he’s way more fun to read, especially his lectures. Dude is funny as hell, even makes fun of himself, saying he knows people think he’s a kind of magician. :joy:

I don’t prefer one over the other, but Jung sure as hell must have been a funner guy to grab a drink with.

@DownwardConcept concentration is something you can develop, same as anything else. Look up “growth mindset vs fixed mindset”. I’m commuting so can’t link a read to you now, but basically, growth says people aren’t born with a set of predefined aptitudes, they develop them.

It’s what I believe in, but the alternative is also plausible, especially if you’re a big genetics junkie.

Thanks for the Anxiety book rec!

Lovecraft is awesome. My favorite of his is The Nameless City, the first of his I ever read. You ever read it? The first sentence is forever etched on my mind:

“When I drew night the nameless city, I knew it was accursed.”


Oh, it’s not that I think I can never read books on a regular basis, but it’s just not a preference for me because of said reasons. Even if I read something really, really good I get fatigued after a few pages, because my mind is constantly drifting away.
If I absolutely wanted to I could train my concentration, sure, it’s just no priority for me so I don’t. I do however like graphic novels and comics even though I haven’t read any in a long, long time. :thinking:

I’ve always wanted to delve into Lovecraft’s works, especially after seeing a documentary about him where other authors explained what made him such a great author, but I just never found the motivation or knew where to start. Thanks for the recommendation!


My Freud is fairly basic.

I have read:
The first few pages of The interpretation of dreams (but it wasn’t really for me, far to subjective in my mind).
Introduction to Psychoanalysis
The Ego, the Id and other works

And I have skimmed:
Civilization and its discontents

I highly recommend Lovecraft’s “Thing on the Doorstep”.


Since someone mentioned Goodreads profiles, here’s mine:


I really enjoyed the translation in the first book, but I’m only a chapter or so into the second, so can’t really compare yet. I did notice that I feel less engaged this time though. That could be due to the translation or just a coincidence.


@lonin and @techparadox my Goodreads is out of date and stupid and I’ll never ever muster the strength to have it any other way, so I just added you guys so I can stalk you and loom over your shoulders with raspy breaths as you struggle to read.

K thanks.

@hivefleetbothan now I understand your taste better! Judging by what you read before, I think you’d like “Totem und tabu” – this is just my guess, you may hate it haha.

Here’s a nice translation you can get for free: Totem and Taboo, at the Gutemberg Project. Translated by A. A. Brill.


Thorough and thought-provoking, Totem and Taboo remains the fullest exploration of Freud’s most famous themes. Family, society, religion - they’re all put on the couch here. Whatever your feelings about psychoanalysis, Freud’s theories have influenced every facet of modern life, from film and literature to medicine and art. If you don’t know your incest taboo from your Oedipal complex, and you want to understand more about the culture we’re living in, then Totem and Taboo is the book to read.

Source: Goodreads. I don’t like the synopsis but the others I found were too boring – the book ain’t, honest.

Also recommend reading some Claude Levi-Strauss if you like the themes, the book, or in general want more Anthropology in your life!

Thanks, @lonin! I hope you enjoy the read regardless. :blush:


Okay, books 1-3 of The Witcher Saga (Wiedźmin) by Andrzej Sapkowski. :slight_smile:

The Witcher Saga

*The Saga tells a whole story, but there are story stories and spin offs set within the same universe.

We unfortunately do not have very cool covers. The Finnish covers are truly awesome though.


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Finnish covers:


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Now share, my fellow book lover, share! :laughing:


So many books; so little time.

I just got this in my feeds…William Gibson is releasing a book in December…:exploding_head:


Feel free to stalk away. The only reason mine stays anywhere near up-to-date anymore is because I’ve been doing the majority of my reading on my Kindle, which automagically links up to Goodreads and flags when I’ve started on a book. Usually I have to go in there and tell it when I’ve finished because the Kindle doesn’t mark it as “done” until you get to the last page of whatever it is you’re reading - and that includes the “about the author” section and any bonus chapters of whatever the next book in the series may be, that are tacked on at the end.

There’s a reason why a good majority of the reading activity I show over there is for my e-books. Being a bibliophile is a pain in the tail sometimes. I really wish I could take the time to get a good catalog of all of the physical books I own so I don’t end up buying a duplicate copy somewhere down the road, and if I could just push that up to Goodreads it would make my life a lot easier. :smiley:


What’s so wrong with a duplicate
Who else do you know that can go up to someone and say “I love this series so much that I own 2 of the same book” probably only 2 so why not pump that number up to 3 and become a hardcore fan.


Careful there… that sort of logic brought us the 'Layered Season Pass" business model.


I’m sorry the what model?

Also I own two copies of a few books.

In the most common case of double-owning, one is on Kindle and the other physical. Sometimes, as with Shakespeare or classic Brazilian books (like Os Sertões), I own different commented editions. Less frequently, something that in the original is maybe Russian or Greek, I own both English and Portuguese editions of it, for example The Iliad (or García Márquez, which makes no bloody sense and I keept asking my parent why tf didn’t we have him in Spanish, claiming both editions we had were useless. Which eventually led to my mom getting so annoyed she gifted me Cien años de soledad :joy:).

Very rarely do I just own different editions of the same text. Sometimes I do, though. Like hardcover and non hardcover. That is the case with Sherlock Holmes collections and Treasure Island, for example. :blush:


The sound of Nintendo fanboys cry-laughing can be heard in the distance. “I’ve bought this title 8 times already.” someone mumbles to themselves as they crouch in a corner slowly rocking back and forth.


One of their friends, upon hearing this, approaches them with cat-like deftness and slides down the crusty wall to sit by them on the piss-stained floor. In something shy of a murmur, they ask their incapacitated friend “eight times?”

They nod as another tear rolls down their chubby, red and catarrh-adorned face as they begin to melt into the floor.

“Well, I’ll have you know I bought it eight times… one for each of my Ninentendo DS’s. Plus, one for my NES, one for my Super Nintendo, one for my Wii , one for my Gameboy and, finally, one for my Switch 2 Ultra X.”

“B-but…” from the floor, with a crooked neck, their speech gets interrupted by a stray hiccup, “that isn’t even out y-yet!”

Inching themselves to better loom over the the empty shell of a human being laying on the floor in fetal position, their friend haughtily whispers with the kind of hot breath one can only get if they have spawned from the most profound depths of hell: “I know.”

A beat later, the neighbor stops washing the dishes as, for no apparent reason, he is suddenly reminded of the wail let out by the dog he and his father had sacrificed at the barn thirty years before.


The idea that you can put different content exclusively in different places (so one season pass doesn’t necessarily get you all the content because a Game of the Year version, Collectors edition, a retail exclusive version and a Triple diamond tier season pass all have one or two different things in them from the games content) because TRUE fans will order it multiple times to get all the things.


Ooooh yeah of course! Thanks for the explanation! It’s very sad this is still going at full speed. I think pre-ordering sucks even more, though. I mean it’s like ‘spend your hard-earned money and only see the returns of it in 6 months.’ :slightly_frowning_face:

Super-shit-combo-ultra is when they make any given item available only to those who pre-ordered. :cry:

Anyways, books, amirite? Love them smells. Yum yum snorting dust.


Great gorkus, the entire collection of The Wheel of Time published by Orbit would be almost $200! Since when did books become so dang expensive? They are almost the same as buying gently used text books for school, which is outrageous. I would hate to see what the rest of my need-to-get-books and need-to-update books would cost me. :sweat:

Ah, the smell of a book! Fresh page smell or dusty page smell, it is all wonderful. That’s why I absolutely refuse to read an ebook. Mmm nope. It just ain’t the same.