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Chroma Squad - 5/17/20 - $2.99


Today’s deal is Chroma Squad!





Now, let us be clear. While definitely inspired by Power Rangers, today’s game Chroma Squad is more of a loving tribute than some kind of weird copy, since rather than being an in-world story, this one’s about a group of stunt actors who decide to make a sentai TV show together. As such, it takes place in a tv studio with rinky dink sets and cardboard monsters instead of a town like Angel Grove, where we only ever saw the park, the high school, and the squints “Angel Grove Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar”.

Wait, what? Now look, we know the score. Power Rangers is a fast food tv show, which means it’s more like eating some Taco Bell or McDonalds than it is a $60 NY strip, but that place is probably the weirdest single location in children’s television history, like a YMCA and a TCBY spontaneously appeared at the same time in the same place and tried to be both places at once. Like, they can practice karate there, have a birthday party there, play arcade games, and grab a smoothie all in the same place.

And if that isn’t enough, once Ernie, the wise-cracking juice bar/youth center owner decides to go help kids living in South America (weirder if you look up a picture of Ernie), he’s able to leave the bar to Lt. Stone, a police officer/police training instructor who literally adopts Bulk and Skull while they’re temporarily turned into monkeys, and then just sort of keeps them when they revert back to humans. Anyway, it’s weird, but Chroma Squad is not, it’s nice, it’s fun, and it’s only like three bucks, so go go give it a shot.

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This is a pretty neat little game for a very reasonable price. Turn based tactics RPG with an interesting theme that goes further than just the visuals. The fighting revolves around not just defeating your enemies but doing so in a flashy manner as you’re simultaneously shooting a super sentai type show.

If you can’t afford or already had enough of Chimera squad, pick this one up.


I have always been a Super Sentai amd Tokusatsu Fan since I was a kid back in the 80’s. So when I first heard about this game’s development I was instantly hooked.

Problem is, Steam decided to make this game unavailable in my Region, just because my country is near Japan damn mofos. As such, this game was the first and only Steam game I had to purchase from an third party vendor in the form of IndieGala :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That’s ironic you’re blocked from buying it from Steam despite living near the country that invented Super Sentai. I guess parody isn’t really grounds for fair use in Japan (then again, fair use is a defense to use in court, not something that prevents court action).


Indeed, just like “Big N” (Nintendo), Bandai and TOEI are total Douchebag hogs when it comes to their IPs, even if said IPs may already be dead or have a very niché audience. I mean does the average Joe even care about Power Rangers!? Or an obscure Japanese videogame that never even made it Stateside and was just translated to English by a dedicated fanbase!?