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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 - 1/5/19 - $8.50


Today’s deal is Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2!





Look, we gotta be honest, we were super excited to offer Modern Warfare 2 for you all today. We love the game, we probably played it for a collective Gladwellian 10,000 hours back in the day, and it was gonna be a nice light little “blast from the past”-themed product description where we took a nice fun look back at 2009 when this game first came out, but we didn’t realize it gonna be like a monkey’s paw! We’re in full-on crisis mode over here!

Do you realize that there’s a weird little “era” that’s starting to take shape defined by things like Twilight movies, Kanye interrupting Taylor, and David After Dentist that’s aesthetically distinct from now? Seriously, look at any one of those things by itself, and it could almost be from this year, but all together…ugh! It’s like the 14 year old version of my little sister got to design a whole decade from presets!

But goddang, Modern Warfare 2 is so dang good, that airport level was messed up, and for eight bucks fifty you should really think about picking up the game I once saw my college roommate quit his job at Borders for just so he could play a few more rounds of online before night class started. Just try and forget that while he was enjoying fast-paced military shooter bliss with good ol’ Soap MacTavish, Selena Gomez was still on Wizards of Waverly Place.

The official trailer for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2

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gotta say, i did not expected this game to pop up here XD

Not that i wanna complain about it though, its a shame it doesnt come with any dlc


Wow, what a pleasant surprise. This is a great deal.

My time of playing CoD is over, but this is a great game nontheless.


Mhh, I’ve got fond memories of this one! Search 'n destroy all day!


“Remember, No Russian”


yea me neither :dizzy_face:
-i had to rub my eyes to make sure i was seeing “straight” :no_mouth:

Chrono been taken over by the AAA consortiums :scream:

can’t say how easy it is to get mp matches with current playerbase
and while the price isn’t exactly anything to go bonkers over, -i did enjoy this quite a bit back in the day, both MP and the Campaign a lot, so I can’t really say it’s not worth consideration at least :blush:
tho if you’ve played “any” CoD games in the past half decade or so, you probably got the “gist” of this game already :thinking:
but hey, a CoD game without lootboxes, who knew those still existed :smile:


8.5$ for a 10 year old game O.o

e: i get that its a AAA game and that lowest price on steam was 10$ but still not much players on this game


It seems someone is new to Activision…

You should address Activision for this issue :slight_smile:


activision incorporated a "50% discount only"policy some years ago on a bunch of their games,
so considering that, i find it sorta pretty amazing Chrono is even able to get it down that extra buck and a half, -more so if it’s not a fully cooperation/negotiated price but cutting their own margins to make up the extra %s


Attention German users, this version won’t work in Germany.


That’s the message Steam provides, now it’s time to wait for a reply from Activision :roll_eyes:

Edit: The mentioned activision E-Mail doesn’t even exist any more :tired_face:


I’ve played almost every CoD - from the beginning until 2016 - and I love 'em all. Of course, some more so than others, but always fun games if you’re into FPS games. I must say I am not the biggest fan of Activision :expressionless:


Despite only showing that game is for Mac, steam key is both for Mac and Windows.
If somebody was wondering.


At first I was kinda shocked why Call of Duty would be region locked as it’s reserved for games like Manhunt or Dead Rising, but then I remembered that I ordered my copy in Austria back in the day so I would have the uncut version. I think the no russian mission is to blame. In the German version you can’t “participate”.