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Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® - $8 - 5/10/19


Today’s deal is Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®!





Look, look, look: okay, full disclosure, we know that the main dude’s name isn’t actually Soap, it’s John, but just in case you’ve never played this watershed modern-style online military game before, everyone in the game KNOWS him as Soap McTavish, and to us, that’s a pretty weird name to have roll over your ears everyday to help form your identity. Like, can you imagine hearing someone say the word “Soap” and being like “…Yes?” Not even actual soap can claim it does that, because it’s a totally inanimate object, and can’t actually DO anything.

Like what if when you were upstairs gaming as a kid, your mom hollered up to you like “SOOOOOOAP! YOUR DOG PEED ON THE DRAPES AGAAAAAIN”? Number one, your neighbors would be confused as to whether she was asking for some soap to clean it herself or if she wanted you to do it, but number two, how come in this scenario you haven’t potty-trained your dog? I know we were the ones who created the hypothetical, but we still can’t help but judge a little bit.

Anyway, point is, Soap’s a weird name, Call of Duty 4 is an incredibly timeless classic from a company that has made some incredible shooters over the years, and today, if you want to finally play it at max settings on your sick-ass rig, we’ve got it for you here at Chrono for less than it costs to buy large quantities of most actual soaps. Also ghillie suits make you look like a cryptid, which is mostly irrelevant, but kind of badass.

The official trailer for Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®:

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mw 2 tomorrow?


Consider me surprised.


but what kind of surprised?


Wow wow wow. Returning deals. I’m going to grab CoD4 this time. Missed that game.


Somewhere in between a sudden DMC HD Collection deal and a DmC Reboot deal.


Is it just me or is 8$ excessive for a game that came out when my PC had a single core?


depends if you can justify megaman legacy collection for 15$ when you didn’t had a PC, but a nintendo?


considering activision’s games rarely get lower than 50% on most of their games, and this game has not been under 10bucks on steam in forever, i’d say getting an extra 10% off is pretty spectacular (almost makes me wonder if this deal isn’t via Aspyr)
-and that the game is even worth it imo, despite its age


Can we pretty please get Dead Cells or Slay the Spire as daily deal? :cry::speak_no_evil::pray::hugs:


They both has been offered before. So it’s not unthinkable it’ll happen again. I grabbed Slay the Spire here for $10 which turned out to be a great deal. You should consider though that both those titles have left early access since and raised the prices accordingly. It’ll be a great while until they dip back down to EA discounted levels again.


I know, they don’t need to drop that low, just lower than 20% off would be sweet