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Buying Daily Deals with Coins


there are plenty of tests at university as well as trainee or wt any further education, maybe you missed that

also I never said it’s constructive criticism? I simply clicked comment and commented, nothing more.


Sign me up!

This idea shouldn’t happen, and won’t happen because business.


Then good work with said comments, I guess. Why make things better when they are little? You seem to have potential, that’s why I’m pissed, it’s not like you’re too dumb to realize. Or at least that’s my impression.


Because business? How many people do you think are gonna gather that ammount? Also, they can put like 10 keys in the shop. Do you think that would destroy business, or the site or anything? Don’t get me wrong, it was just an example, but I fail to see how it’s dangerous in any way. In fact, I’m sure a few people would check daily more strictly and even buy some games to pump out coins!


I’d guess that there’s a lot more people with coin hordes than you think. I would imagine that there are a fair few people hovering around the 90k mark at the moment, many of them without ever having visited the forums. Furthermore, having had Dead Cells in the coinshop encourages users to collect rather than spend coins…now the bar has been set high people will be reluctant to “waste” coins on odd and unknown smaller titles.

The game keys for the coinshop are already costing the Chrono team money - although I would imagine that they’re discounted or subsidised in some way, they purchase them to give away to attract users to view the daily deals (and personally I’d probably go a little further and socially engineer the forum to promote the coinshop games to try and get a better deal on them, but that’s just because I’m sneaky).

Putting up keys in the numbers you describe would be pointless - 10 keys would disappear instantly - and given that the daily deals are almost always better than the coinshop offerings people would just save up for a daily deal that appealed to them, and the standard coinshop games would be neglected. Ultimately it would disrupt the balance of the site - the coinshop and the daily deal are distinct entities and different value propositions. Chrono is a business and in order to remain sustainable you’d need to have a predictable idea of costs and overheads - if any daily game is on offer for coins then that’s unpredictable and whilst the Chrono peeps have an idea how many coins are in circulation they have more control encouraging people to spend them by opting for certain games for the coinshop than they would giving coins a monetary value.


I thought you were crazy, it seemed like way too much… but nah apparently you did your math. 91,7k total here.


Mate you’re very reasonable and all but you’re just mixing the original post with my example of one premium game appearing once. I said I think it’s a bad idea but for some reason you try to explain me why you shouldn’t be able to buy daily deals with coins with I said I think is not a good idea, the same way the guy above ignore half my point about what schooling means in a broad sense. I know my way of describing things is not the most clear out there but seriously, it’s perfectly understable.


I thought that with this post you were asking me why I thought it was a bad idea? Sorry If I got the wrong end of the stick.


I simply didn’t feel like repeating what 5 others said or implicated (in a just as none constructive way if I may say so, feel free to go after them), so I just went wt what was on hand. It might seem like it doesn’t contribute at all, but ppl might learn to think twice if they get sassy answers to silly questions, mind you.


Thats an even better idea i feel

gives them an opportunity to get some extra scratch - win win

the other way well only we win :slight_smile:


How many games have you bought? (…in other words if you’ve spent some what’s your true total?).


That is my true total. I only have 23k right now, the rest was spent on 9 games(mostly Dead Cells…).


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Completely agree with you, from a business perspective this Chrono would pretty much be digging it’s own grave. However, I can still stand by the fact, a fact I think others agree with me upon, the coin shop could be slightly improved. Or even perhaps something else to do with our coins. Giveaways? E-sport betting? Or even perhaps betting on yourself in tournaments against fellow chronies. I think all that would be great fun and would be a great way to expand area of expertise.




Then why not add option of buying Chrono coins wouldnt that make a bit difference and help generating more $.$ ?


y guys, pls add an option for buying chrono coins with real money so that ppl can buy the daily deals with chrono coins instead of real money


here’s another great idea Chrono: how about u let us pay for the daily deals with old steam games we no longer want?

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This looks like a wall of naked people bending over. (!)


They kind of did that with the Black Hole thing they did some time back.


Pay for games with money
Pay for games with Chrono Coins
Pay for Chrono Coins with money to pay for games with Chrono Coins
So in essence you’re paying for games with money.

Surely I’m not the only one seeing some unnecessary steps here…