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Bunker Punks - 2/25/19 - $4.50


Today’s deal is Bunker Punks!






Oh hey.

Sup, roomie?

Not much, girl! Just playin this game I bought today called Bunker Punks. It was less than five bucks and I love the look, so I was like “screw it, I’ll get it.”

Nice. Is it good?

Oh my GOD, yes. My boyfriend always makes fun of me for getting addicted to roguelikes, but this one looks like old Wolfenstein, so what does he want me to do? Ignore the song in my heart?

I would never silence your heartsong, but how come you never have to reload? And why can you run so fast?

Well, look: you know how like, Excitebike is still a motorcycle game even though it’s nothing like riding a real motorcycle, just ‘cause it’s fun and replayable?

Wait…you think Excitebike is fun?

What the hell is wrong with you? Yes, I think it’s fun! And even if you personally happen to be the type of person who can’t go back and do old stuff, I guess, you can see how someone who DOES like Excitebike might enjoy a modern spin on the old mechanics?


Well that’s this except for with Doom! Gosh, and will you stop being such a wet blanket? People are trying to read this to find out if they should buy the game!

Oh, my bad! Uhh…wow! Yeah! NOW I see, Excitebike is great!

Wow, super sincere!

As in, I’m SINCERELY excited to play some…(what’s it called?)…

Bunker Punks…

…BUNKER PUNKS right now!

Was that better?

I don’t even know why I live here with you.

The official trailer for Bunker Punks:

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