Bundle of Holding - Jovian Chronicles, 7th Sea, John Wick Presents

Some of you may recall that I was over here pimping Bundle of Holding a while back, for its relatively inexpensive RPG book bundles. While I am in no way affiliated with the site, I do love me some RPG books, and I thought the latest batch they have up for offer is worth mentioning:

Jovian Chronicles - hard-science anime space adventures, with the joy of mechs and planetary battles. This one is the 2nd edition of the game, and they have a whole wad of sourcebooks available.

7th Sea (2nd edition) - ever wanted to buckle your swash in a world of fantasy based on baroque Europe? They have the hook-up on this one, designed by John Wick (who writes some darned good material)

John Wick Presents - this one is a mixed bag of sourcebooks for D&D/Pathfinder and some original games by John Wick. Of particular interest to me was the Wicked Fantasy sourcebook, which gives reworks of 10 fantasy races (including turning Halflings from goofy Hobbit-types into a James Bond-esque spy network) and Wield, where the PCs are actually sentient weapons, using their bearers as their tools.

They also have Unknown Armies available, which is a world where magic exists and conspiraces are real. It’ll be up for the next four days or so.


I find these rather interesting, you are not by any chance looking to run a game with any of these?


It’s been a good, long while since I DM’d for anything (as in D&D 3.0/early Pathfinder), but if there was enough interest in a system (say 3-4 players) I could potentially be persuaded to slap my DM hat back on after reading on up the rules.