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Bundle Blast at Fanatical


Ignoring the mystery bundle, the first bundle is the Undercover Bundle…

Of course it’s a bunch of repeats, but still decent for someone who doesn’t have a lot of the games for $2.99:


Strongly recommend The Last Door. Both seasons. Atmospheric, creative and daring. Some of my favorite p&c games.

Sexy Brutale is also excellent, just not for me, so I can’t say much about it on a personal level.

I’m curious about The Invisible Hours and wonder if anyone has anything to share on it.


It’s made by Tequila Works, so I can’t imagine it being bad, since they made RiME and The Sexy Brutale.

DK played the VR version of the game and had a good time, here’s his review on it:


Next up is Skullgirls Complete for a dollar:

another repeat yes, but I see the DLC on some people’s WLs. :slight_smile:


not sure if undercover bundle is a release, or if it just never expired? -it’s the exact same i got like 2 months ago :smile:


maybe it just went undercover for a bit


I’m contemplating it just for The Last Door pt 2, though it feels a bit silly to get the whole bundle just for one game.


Don’t! Give me a day(or less) to think about it…If I do, I will give you the key. K? :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I have seen Fanatical do this before, when they would push some older bundles back for a week. :man_shrugging: Can’t say it’s a good or bad thing, but it may be good for people who missed it first time around.


I am, also, thinking about this bundle for all the Night Dive games. :thinking:


Those Spy Fox games in the bundle (and Freddie fish to a lesser extent) were a huge part of my gaming childhood. I loved figuring out the puzzles and enjoying all of the wacky humor.


So are you saying we might have to direct @ARS85 to this bundle???


You’re too good, too good! Even for just considering it. I think there’s about a week left on the bundle, so just let me know what you decide. If you want to pm me your PayPal address I could help out on the purchase.


Check your PMs. Just pass it on! You don’t owe me anything :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you! Faith in humanity levels… rising!

good one


Yeah, definitely a good bundle.

My problem is that I want 1-2 of the games and have the others already.


Does anyone know if everyone who purchases gets the same 10 keys?


At the bottom of the description; emphasis is mine -

In any single transaction we guarantee you won’t get a duplicate game. If you purchase multiple bundles, there’s always a chance that you’ll receive a duplicate game

So it sounds like they just give you 10 rando keys they probably have laying at the bottom of their pile.


Not always the same, basically 1-10 of the left over keys they have, on SteamGifts people collect lists of what people have received:


The internet is full of wonderful surprises :raised_hands: