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Bounty Train - 6/16/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Bounty Train!





Have y’all ever stopped to think about how cool trains are? Like seriously? Cars are cool, ok sure. But trains are just like…giant cars that house a bunch of people and travel across THE WHOLE COUNTRY. That’s nuts!!! It’s like a plane but on land. Isn’t that weird? I think what probably blows my mind the most is that they barely even have wheels anymore. All the trains we picture in our head have wheels but the modern ones are all magnets or some weird shit. Who knows!

Besides all that, imagine how much trains have survived through? Not just crazy weather and Mother Nature comin’ at those tracks with a vengeance; think about all the cowboys! Well the cowboys weren’t doing the big mean things to the train, probably more so protecting them, at least I hope. What I mean is the wild west was wild baby! Imagine all those bandits and robbers darting down the road alongside your big steam chungus. Taking pot shots at the conductor while their horses gallop alongside a literal fortress on wheels, trying to break into a moving object (one that’s moving incredibly fast mind you), trying to JUMP from a horse to train. That shit is crazy. Well guess what? That’s exactly what Bounty Train is about! It’s almost like I knew that and that’s why the copy is about trains! Crazy!

So this Father’s Day, instead of grabbing your pops a new train for his model set, grab him this instead. Sure, model trains are dope and he would probably enjoy a new fancy lookin’ steam boy, but think about all the crazy bandito action you’d be missing out on! You’ll never be able to set up a real life train robbery* with those tiny lil models, so treat him to a digital reenacting instead! Sit back, kick your feet up, and ride those big steely beauties all across the country. And happy Father’s Day to all you daderinos out there!

*Please don’t set up a real life train robbery, it’s just a little model train set and robberies are dangerous don’t do it you’re not a cowboy.

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This matches the lowest Bounty Train has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.99 on Fanatical.

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Kudos on tempting me to buy three daily games in a row :smiley:

3 amazing prices.

3 amazing games.

just thought I’d pay a compliment to whoever picks the games out :+1:

they must like me :smiley:


I love everything about FTL. The FTL-like combat in this game was not fun, and felt kind of tacked-on.

The strategy layer is great, though.