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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - 7/21/19 - $11.98


Today’s deal is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!





Hey there, welcome to Gameshop! How can I help you?

Yes, hello, I’m looking for a video game, it’s the sequel to Borderlands.

Oh yes, Borderlands 2, what an incredibly perfect sequel, it takes everything from the first one and makes it even be-

No no no! It’s the sequel to Borderlands 2! That’s what I meant!

Oh, Borderlands 3? Well, I’m sorry to say that doesn’t come out until September, though we here at Gameshop absolutely LOVE offering the preorder anyway…

Well let me ask you a question, then.

Absolutely, ma’am.

Do I look like an idiot to you?

What? N-no, ma’am, that is the absolutely last thing I’d ever imply.

Great. Well is there another Borderlands game out there or not?

Well, yes! There is! It’s the Pre-Sequel!

Oh shit the eff up. Are you messing with me?

No ma’am, I would never do that.

What the hell is a pre-sequel then? Because I’ve never even heard of that crap.

Uh-huh. Well, it actually does make a little sense, see, because it’s both a sequel to Borderlands 1 and a prequel to Borderlands 2, even though it came out after both of them.

Uh-huh…hence Pre-Sequel?

Yes! Now you’re getting it!

That’s dumb. That should still just be Borderlands 3, right?

Well sure, except that if you remember, Borderlands 3 is coming out in September.

Oh boy. This is some wacky slacky outer space stuff if I’ve ever heard it…

Well funny you should say that.


Because the Pre-Sequel takes place on the planet’s moon, so it really is kinda far out, aka in outer space, aka out of this world.

Uh huh…


So do you have it or not?

Oh. No. It only comes in a two-pack with Borderlands 2 in-store. It only comes by itself digitally.

Is that right?

Yup! And I shouldn’t be saying this, but’s got it today for just twelve bucks!

Oh, word?

Yeah! And I heard they might even be selling the second one tomorrow for even cheaper! How about that for PC master race, huh?

I guess. See you later.

Copy that.

The official trailer for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel:

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yeaaah, dont wanna be rude but after the Handsome collection deal at 6 dollars, this is a biiit expensive (especially without any dlc-s)

Then again your mileage may vary and I understand that staff probably doesnt have a say at the set price but come on, this isnt exactly a “deal” in this form.


Just got the handsome collection from the summer sale for this game as I had pretty much the rest of the collection.


11.98 for Pre-Sequel when you could’ve gotten it for $6 along with Borderlands 2 and all its dlc :////

disappointing to say the least


People are right. The BL franchise in its entirety has been on sale dirt cheap often. I only begrudgingly got it a few months ago on PC because I tried it on consoles years ago and didn’t love it then. It turns out that is still true for me. The game would need a very casual noob setting for me to care. :smiley:

If you don’t have it at this point, you probably don’t want it. And you certainly don’t want it at $12.


dirt cheap, but great game.


Why is the copywriter’s description not on the front page?


Wasn’t it $3 at one point even? I can remember it being $3…


Yes, it was.:+1:t3: On Steam and i kept seeing people buying it on my Steam feed so I finally got it for 3.55CA. It was, also, 4.00CA on GMG when I grabbed it for my Nephew.