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Borderlands 2 - 7/22/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Borderlands 2!





Hey there, welcome to Gameshop! How can I help you?

Yes, hello, I’m looking for a video game, it’s the sequel to Borderlands.

Oh yes, Borderlands 2, what an incredibly perfect sequel, it takes everything from the first one and makes it even be-

No no no! Wait wait wait! What happened to the Pre-Sequel? We just talked about it yesterday!

Oh, that was you? Well, I’m sorry to say that was only on sale FOR yesterday, though we here at Gameshop absolutely LOVE offering the preorder for Borderlands 3, the REAL sequel to Borderlands 2…

Well let me ask you a question, then.

Absolutely, ma’am.

What is your game, here? I thought we were going to do the same bit as yesterday except backwards, but you ruined it when brought up Borderlands 2 again!

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that was the plan! I thought you were just coming back because I hinted we’d be selling it today even cheaper than Pre-Sequel was, and it totally is! Pre-Sequel was twelve bucks, and this is like 5! Doesn’t that almost seem TOO cheap?

I guess…


And to be honest with you, I was always going to buy it anyway. I was just like, equally excited to do the bit, but I guess I got ahead of myself…

Well, look, don’t feel bad, okay? Just hit me up next time you’ve got a fun plan so I can be ready, alright?

Yeah, okay. I mean, I can’t just expect you to jump on a random comedy bit out of nowhere, you’re a cashier, not a comedian…

Okay, well yes, but I have been taking some classes on the weekends…

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, I’m trying to do more live performing because it’s always been my passion.

Nice. Well hey, listen. Can I get a copy of Borderlands 2, anyway? I kinda wanna see that new 4k texture back in action.

Oh, yeah. You can definitely buy it, but if you remember, it’s only five bucks at We’ve got it for PC here, too, but it’s twenty bucks.

Oh, right…well, I guess I’m gonna go home and buy it then. See ya later.

Copy that. Sorry I messed up the bit!

No, honestly, it wasn’t your fault. Maybe next time there’s a good game on sale we can try a different routine.


The official trailer for Borderlands 2:

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[insert comments about game being on sale previously for whatever price]


you got it


if one can justify paying 5 dollars just for the base game when for a dollar more you can get 2 games plus all their dlc-s within the Handsome Collection, more power to them, I guess. I aint gonna stop anyone from throwing money at Gearbox if thats what they want to do.

If at least it had the dlcs but honestly, this is laughable as a sale. Why not just offer the Handsome Collection here as well instead of this mockery?


The handsome collection is still available from some e-tailers for $6


And frankly its the only Borderlands deal that is truly worth getting if someone is even remotely interested in BL2/ TPS.


pretty sure that’s a question that should be directed to Take-Two, and not Chrono; Chrono can only offer the deals that they obtain and those are not necessarily those they wish for all of the time


Yep, similar comments to what my opinion was yesterday…except cheaper. Still not a good purchase for nearly everyone though.

I’m totally in support of the whole “don’t like it, don’t buy it thing”…but in business, we should also recognize WHY no one buys it. :smiley: