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Book of Demons - 7/12/20 - $5.99


Today’s deal is Book of Demons!



The official trailer for Book of Demons:

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


And I have found reviews from @Shalandir and @missiloon:


Heads up if you’re a Humble Choice (Monthly) subscriber, this one was available in the 2020 February bundle. :smiley:

Otherwise I recommend it if you enjoy ARPGs like Diablo and Grim Dawn, although Book of Demons isn’t as flashy the artstyle is just so lovely.
There’s a demo on the Steam page if anyone isn’t sure about the game. :relaxed:


@Pumbi said all I good say. It’s a good game and the demo is long enough to get a great feel for it - like the first world long.

Recommend. It’s fun for short bursts of play esp., at least for me, who doesn’t like too much mousing at one time.


Hmm… Deckbuilding Hack & Slash… Interesting. Bummer that the devs went through the effort to include Mixer integration, but at least we still have Twitch.


Well , not trying to take away any enjoyment other people find in this game but i for one didin’t like it.

Art style is definitely nice and deck building adds some depth but other than that game is seriously dull and you are sure to get some finger joint damage playing it.


and then there’s the fact you’re literally like on rails, which is a rly weird game mechanic and seems such a limiting factor without any benefits at all

i couldnt play it for more than a few hours because of that though i rly was hoping to get a lot of hours into that game


I do think that this game was intended to be a dive in for a few hours, like say Final Fantasy - have a little fun, accomplish one task or floor, whatever and then drop the mouse. That’s why they have bit that let you track your minutes.

Gave up on click-tastic games because yea, too much is owwie. That’s why I like this (maybe not so much, but better). It’s like a “coffee-break” kind of thing.

Agree the rails mechanic is a little annoying esp. when you’re surrounded. Free movement would have been really nice.