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Book of Demons - 3/8/19 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Book of Demons!




Okay so look, long time lurker, first time poster, but I literally base my identity off being obsessed with this type of stuff, so I swore that if I ever had something worthwhile to share, I’d post, and here it is. I was at this anime convention a few weekends ago with some of my out of town cosplayer friends, and as we were walking through the artist’s alley one booth in particular caught my eye.

You know how there’s always a bunch of really similar booths with games and anime and statues and stuff, but then there’s also a few like, older ren faire-lookin’ people who aren’t really dressed as anything in particular but they wear vests and old timey linens and solid handmade wooden stuff like flutes and tables for pen and paper RPG’s? Well I got to talk to one of these guys, a silver fox by the name of Mark, and he sold me this pop up book, but to be honest I just felt guilty listening to him tell me how he made for so long and I felt like I had to buy it.

But then almost immediately after I got home and tossed it up on my shelf next to all my rolled up posters I’ve gotten as pre-order bonuses, I started hearing all these sounds, like swords clashing and demons snarling, and you know, like, it’s really quiet, but if you asked me, it sounds almost like someone’s playing a papercraft hack n’ slash game with deck building elements. I don’t really know what to do, but if there was game like this on sale anywhere, I guess what I’m saying is, I’d buy it?

Anyway, this is already becoming a novel and I just wanted to take the plunge and make a post, so be kind, and thanks for reading, and if you anything about haunted pop up books, leave a comment for me! Thanks!

Tl;dr Bought a haunted pop up book from Mark at Anime Expo.

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This is a game that may not be for everyone…

People like @Ravenousld3341 and @yoshirules really liked it.

Here’s @Ravenousld3341’s review:

Here’s @yoshirules’s review:

On the other hand, it may seem too simplified and @DontBeSilly just couldn’t get into it:


It’s good - scratches the nostalgia itch for 1996-style Diablo. No multiplayer, nothing fancy, but it let’s you play oldschool again. My review is simple, just like the game. The main issue is stuttering and poor framerates, especially endgame. The final boss was practically a slideshow, but that might have been due to the abilities/skills I was using.

Even then, fun dungeon crawler that could be classic 9/10 if they optimize it more. For now, 8/10, coming from a dungeon lover.

I’m 77 achievements in, owned it since 2 January 2019.


I like this game a lot, the achievements are hard and grindy, but otherwise a very enjoyable game! Very addictive as well.