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Board game night


Nope! Nah way. Just for fun - remembering a million and one openings is likely not for me.

I’ve been to the 1st link already - it’s where I was re-learning the rules etc. Kyle had said he didn’t know about sites being “secure”. Not sure what he meant.


I have this game…hard copy somewhere…I think :thinking:

Or it could be this one…

I know I have both…But in different formats.

I do have one on my PC that i can send you…It’s old too. I am not sure it will play on Win10; it does play on Win7. But it does have different pieces/boards plus you can play 2 people/ or Network/Lan or the AI. But I can’t find the rules…Which is strange.


pretty sure I’ve seen those played by game grumps! the bottom one is the ones with the silly battle animations I think, I’d enjoy them if so haha


@Danacscott It’s not free but I’ve had this one wishlisted for a while

it’s probably the prettiest chess game I’ve ever seen, but some of the features are a little barebones. I’d still like it though.


How good is Tabletop Sim’s chess?

I’ll be honest when you said chess my first thought was:


Cool. Thanks! It’d be worth a try. Perhaps that compatibility mode option will help?

Chess and giggling. Fun times. :stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding! The different styles of pieces and environments is such an awesome idea too. Baby steps though - want to learn play properly again, lol. The game is pretty new, so no sale there for a while.

Dunno. Even if there is a demo, it may not include all the features. Good question.

Also, I remember that graphic! Gee, haven’t seen that in a while. :slight_smile:


Did find some apps that my pauvre iPhone can run. Got to try them out on the morrow. Tonight I did some more crafty stuff and then practiced 100% Orange Juice and Love Letter a bit. :slight_smile:


A good free (and kind of ridiculous) chess app on iPhones (maybe android, I’m not sure) is called Really Bad Chess. It’s fun to mess around with.


Tabletop Sim’s Chess has an upside and a downside.

The upside is that as a physics sandbox, you can heavily modify the setting, introduce timers or other quality of life changes that you want.

On the other hand, as a physics sandbox the rules are only what you implement/can police yourself, the game doesn’t stop you from just moving pieces out of turn or making illegal moves, though the rewind feature can help to fix these things.


The lichess app is pretty nice if you have an Android.


You tell me. Check your PMs. :hugs:

They both have animation. Here’s another one with animation.

If you want the one I sent, @Danacscott, let me know…it’s called Grand Master Chess 25.

Edit: I left out the other one i found with animation…


Then that’s likely better for people who know the game pretty well and won’t do silly things. :slight_smile:

Found it. Multiple bishops and stuff? Man it must be hilariously to play. Might actually try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do. :heart:


That is very true, I use tabletop simulator for roleplaying games and find the exact same rules apply.

It is a very user friendly tool though.


When you want to play Gremlins with your Chronies but everybody just has Ticket to Ride in their mind

thanks for the games though, was fun :slight_smile:


i, was, so, close… :weary:
awesome explosive win you made tho :+1:


What? No Fraggles domination today? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, glad you guys had fun. :sunny:


I have almost never dominated in Gremlins. I get about half ways to victory and then Vandem and Coraline collectively focus on dicking me over and completely forget about each other leading to one of them to sneak in the win. : )

Not this time though, this time I just sucked the entire game and accomplished nothing of value.


Your company is something of value, so thanks for joining us.

And can confirm: @Vandem and I are like an old married couple :joy:

REALLY heading to bed now after some chamonile tea. Enough shenanigans for me, for now. Was fun playing with you guys, I needed that. :hugs:


Tomorrow, all things willing I would really like to try to play the new 100% Orange juice co-op mode with you all. It has some rather interesting synergistic aspects I’d like to explore.

I hope someone else is interested in trying that out.


count me in this weekend for that :+1:, was going to ask before we got up from the table earlier but slipped my mind