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Block'hood - 6/14/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Block’hood!





Blorb blorb blorb! Hey friends! What’s good? It’s me, Muddy The Buddy, the official mascot of whenever sells a game that teaches you how to live sustainably and to do right by yourself and also the people around you! I’m a mixture of rotting fruits, vegetables, and poop! What a beautiful world! Anyway, Block’hood is a neighborhood building game where you…oh? What’s that you ask? How did I, a disgusting pile of talking mud, find sentience? Easy! Someone put some kind of weird fertilizer on a dead pigeon brain and it turned back on and became my brain!

Anyway, the whole point of Block’hood is to build your neighbor in away where everything is in perfect balance with the things around it, and no single block is left alone to deteriorate and decay, so that…oh? You want to know how I, a dirt and rot homunculus running off the brain of a dead trash-eating bird, is able to talk and type? Easy! Somebody threw out a packet of biodegradable straws which I now use for vocal chords, and I type with a dead hobo’s finger I picked up while I was oozing my way through a public park! Isn’t that magical? No? Oh well!

So yeah, it’s all a game of resource management, you see! Every block uses up a certain amount, and when you build something new, it diverts some of that away from the other things you have. All YOU have to do is make sure not to put too much strain on what’s around you, and bingo! You’ll have the type of spot hip young people with lots of money would absolutely LOVE to move into and feel good about saving the planet, just like me, Muddy the Buddy! But if you think I have money, forget it! Some of that red in the slime I leave behind wherever I go is a long-rancid mixture of human and animal blood! Saaaaaaave the Earth, okay! And have a good time building! I’ll never be able to use a computer myself, but hell! I’m a disgusting pile of well-meaning crap!

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