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Bleed & Bleed 2 - 1/28/19 - $4.50


Today’s deal is Bleed & Bleed 2!





To be honest, when you hear about a game called Bleed, you don’t ever really imagine there’s going to be sequel…you know, because of all the bleeding. Like, we suppose it could be a reference to what your enemies’ll be doing once you’re done with them, sure, but when you see a cute little pink-haired girl whose smile is literally bigger than the rest of her face, you don’t really think to yourself “now she looks like she loves to make people bleed”.

It’d be like going to see a movie with a dog in it called something like “The Last Precious Boy”, and instead of instantly being like “this dying dog’s sickness is going to bring religious grandparents closer together”, you’re just like “man, I can’t wait to see what other adventures this ageless teen and this boring but very cute dog will get into”. What would they even do? How long before it gets way too good at a human sport? If a dog survives through two movies and it’s not CG, dollars to donuts, you’ve got an athlete on your hands.

But of course the truth is different than any of us thought. Your character survives for a sequel like John Wick, and there’s not even any blood or gore in the game! So what gives? Well, in case you haven’t figure it out yet, Bleed and it’s sequel are rather tough nuts to crack, and they’re really awesome games, but if you do decide to drop the $4.50 they’re gonna cost you today, take a second to look down at your own bloody and beaten hands, and make sure you’re ready to be a hero, because that dog already died, and as much as we want him to, he’s not picking up that katana any time soon.

The official trailer for Bleed 2:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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This game looks like it’s madly hard to play :joy:


lol I just bought this game on steam yesterday.


Both (1 2) of these games have reviews telling you to buy the other one instead…? :confused:
They also say the games are too short but maybe you get a more complete experience by buying and playing both.
The slow mo mechanic looks neat.


meaning u should buy both; genius move by Chrono securing both!


I’m a little disappointed that these games are in no way related to the song Bleed by Meshuggah. At least they look fun tho lol