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Blasphemous - 5/3/20 - $13.99


Today’s deal is Blasphemous!





Hey gamers! Have you ever thought to yourself: “Wow! I love blisteringly hard 2D action platformers, but the true final frontier of difficulty in games is overcoming the same type of guilt I feel when I go to catholic confession!” Umm…really? You have? Weirdly specific! Okay then, how about: “Sometimes I want to pay for my transgressions by permanently affixing blessed torture devices to my body so that I may transcend this world.”

Huh. Honestly we are a bit flummoxed on that one. All the time? Really? Like, actually? ALL the time? Well, the latest (and likely greatest) 2D souls-like we have here for you today is called Blasphemous, it’s 44% off, and all those dark super disturbing things we just mentioned are basically covered, but are also wrapped in a deliciously designed gothic pixel art masterpiece that anyone who isn’t afraid of losing a few times before they get where they want to go needs to try immediately.

We have all grown up seeing demons and the damned in all kinds of video games in all types of genres, so we’re all kind of over it by now (except my weird MAGA aunt) but the special unsettling awe one feels in Church when looking at the statues of angels and saints, I guess you could call it the righteous fear of god, that’s much less-treaded territory, and without even directly referencing or blaspheming the real bible, Blasphemous nails this right on the head. So go forth guilt free, play this wild game, and remember this humble piece of marketing when the unsettling feeling first hits, and perhaps a small smile will form there in the corner of your mouth, like “Dag, Chrono was flippin’ right.”

The official trailer for Blasphemous:

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Just finished it few days earlier and all i can say is “awwww yeash!!!” .

Blasphemous takes a lot from Souls games but it takes even more from games like castlevania and metroidvania genre in general so if you think that it’s just 2D Dark Souls … it’s not.

It’s also not really that difficult,more frustrating at times than hard per say ,but it’s just a minor nitpick if anything.

Presentation is top notch, this team really knows what pixel art is supposed to look like.

Anyway,grab it!


I don’t know anything about the game myself, but my friends on Steam seem to like it and this seems like a great price for it.


Game is fantastic, and definitely one of the more challenging Metroidvanias I’ve played. The pixel art is also just incredible, as others have said. I will say, though, the writing is a little too esoteric for my tastes, and it’s not always obvious where you need to go / what you need to do to progress, but a guide should help alleviate that.

Also, my previous issues with the player movement feeling a little clunky back when I first played it have since been addressed with a patch, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who likes these types of games, now! It’s awesome!


Love their animations. Very detailed sprite work.