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Black Paradox - 8/6/19 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Black Paradox!





Oh, what’s the matter, baby gamer? You grabbed a copy of Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax from us on sale yesterday and now you think you’re some kind of expert, eh? Yeah, we can see it now, you swag-walkin’ around by that food truck that pulls up outside your work every Tuesday, like you’re the cool kid on the playground, letting yourself feel better than everyone because you enjoyed our little Pulp Fiction joke yesterday and played a few rounds? Well let us explain something to you, friend: if Stardust Galaxy Warriors was shmup heaven, this game is truly bullet HELL.

That’s right, goddammit, it’s hard as balls, and it’s probably gonna be a while before you win. But if you can’t even fly through space in your tricked out DeLorean fighter with the gull wing doors open and kill your way through the seven lieutenants of the Hellraiser gang, you’re not allowed to refer to yourself as the infamous space bounty hunter Black Paradox, which is a very cool name, which at this moment you are not NEARLY worthy of yet.

And if by some bizarre coincidence, you already HAVE played this game, and sitting over here like “Well technically, not everyone isn’t worthy, some people have already beaten this game”, sit the hell down and face the corner because that’s how we get stupid twitter comments, and once you do that, there’s nothing that can make you cool. But don’t worry, small baby who pees themselves on the regular, there’s still a chance for salvation! Buy Black Paradox from us today for less than it costs to eat at Shake Shack, and there’s hope for you yet. Just keep it cool, fight for freedom, and keep it mad 80’s. You can do this, kid, trust us.

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This is the lowest Black Paradox has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $7.49 on Steam.

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