Big 4X Strategy Hunt

New thread for good reason: let’s keep this focused on a hunt for the best new 4Xs in the industry!

Now personally I slightly prefer turn-based over real-time, but as long as you have a decent balance between eXploration, empire-building (eXpansion), researching/negotiations/trade/diplomacy (eXploit), and conquest (eXterminate), I love almost all. I’d like to try some new ones, love all themes (historical, fantasy, space, futuristic, etc.). The big 4 franchises/creators (Civilization, Endless, Eador, Paradox) are all in lulls at the moment, or I’m not in the mood to play my 3000th hour. Not to mention they’ve pushed out most other competitors over the years…

However, I know a few new studios have tried to carve out a niche 4X spot. I’ve had my eye on Driftland: The Magic Revival for a couple years and it’s been in early access for what feels like forever, but great trailers and great Steam reviews. Did anyone here on Chrono try it? I’m tempted to buy just to support the devs for bringing a new entry to the 4X god game world with a focus on city building (rare), but I’m way more cautious than that. Just know it’s on my radar, as well as Northgard, Space Tyrant (heard great things!), and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.


  • First, if you’ve tried any of these titles, please give me a buzz on how it played!
  • Second, if you have other titles to add please list them here (and why they’re awesome).
  • Third, please don’t necro old 4X games like Masters of Orion or AI War: Fleet Command or the dozens of others from pre-2015 - trust me I’ve tried them, loved (or hated) them, and moved on.
  • Fourth, keep your eyes peeled if you are like-minded and would love to play a new epic 4X strategy game that spans the ages. Bring the news here!