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Between the Stars - 6/3/20 - $16.74


Today’s deal is Between the Stars!





Look, yes. You got us. That title up there is a reference to a movie (which I haven’t even actually seen, by the way) called Captain Phillips, and let’s be honest, the meme itself has grown even beyond the freakin’ movie at this point. But that is beside the point because “You are the captain now” also just happens to be the perfect tagline for the star of today’s very affordable and worthwhile video game sale, a game called Between the Stars in which, you guessed it, you become the captain of an interstellar cruiser.

Granted, that’s not super related to the Somali pirate hostage tale you can expect (allegedly) from the movie, but like, come on, you get what we’re saying. You are the captain (of the interstellar cruiser) now. Even if the real Captain Phillips never got kidnapped and that movie never existed, we could still title this “You Are The Captain Now”, and no one would bat an eye. You’d still be paying us very little money, spending hours maintaining your crew, engaging in skirmishes, and making Picard-ian moral decisions at every turn either way.

Anyway, we’re sorry if thinking of that seven year old meme bummed you out for any reason, and furthermore, for our own sakes as creatives who are out here every day just trying to make it all work, let’s take a second and acknowledge that no matter what we do, people have just made too much stuff, and almost nothing is a completely original idea anymore. So, you know, throw us a bone. Or actually, throw us sixteen point seven four bones, then we’ll give you this game.

The official trailer for Between the Stars:

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