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BelleGueule's Key Stock Trade


Take your time, I’m not in a hurry :slight_smile:


i could do:: Ridge Racer™ Unbounded Bundle
or lost planet 3 for 7dtd


@Riouz i could do


Carmageddon: Max Damage
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Sonic Adventure
Braveland Pirate



This War Of Mine
Hidden Folks
We Were Here Too
Last Day Of June

7dtd is currently on hold for @Four since he ask for it first


yes bby, I’m on board :blush:


new game added <3


moar +rep, thanks for the trade!


bumb cuz today’s deal interest me


i will trade Kerbal space program for wurm unlimited or guns of Icarus


lemme ask my friends if they are down with wurm, i dont want to get into that thing solo xD

EDIT: Also bump cuz new game added


Bump Cuz 2point Hospital interest me


Victor Vran for Kerbal Space Program?


im mostly trading for equal price, victor is a bit too low sorry


Bump since new game added.

also i’m passively looking for a BFV pc key


If this is the humble key/link, just wanted to let you know that it activates the game in your Steam account and dumps a second gift copy in your inventory, so you should make that known too.


not anymore (according to steamgifts) -"Removed OnPurchaseGrantGuestPassPackage "


Nevermind, I clearly don’t pay enough attention…

Sorry about that, and thanks, @Gnuffi. :sweat_smile:


If anyone has an extra copy of

Hit me up if you want to trade it for any of the games in the first message