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Beholder 2 - 2/29/20 - $3.49


Today’s deal is Beholder 2!





Here at the Ministry, we decide absolutely everything. We are everything. We are absolute. But not all of us of course, only the tippy top. Y’know, like the Prime Minister and Wise Leader. They’re definitely absolute. And by extension us. But not us, because we’re not them. Either way, we make all the decisions here at the Ministry, so welcome to the most important thing you’ve ever done in your entire life.

Yes yes, you’re just an intern. So the biggest decision you’ll probably make right now is whether someone uses a pen or pencil. But that’s not to say the decisions won’t get more important. If you make enough of the right calls between pencil and pen then maybe one day you’ll get to decide between shaken or stirred, and then you’ll start taking on responsibilities besides just menial decisions. However, you will never, ever, ever, make any decision relating to or regarding the state of pizza. New York style is simply the best and if you were to ever say otherwise it would so clearly be false that we would just have to execute you on the spot.

So! That wraps up orientation just about. Make a bunch of good decisions and maybe one day you’ll get to meet and advise the Wise One themself! You are the most important (not really) and you can be even more important! But don’t ever in a million years even mention that abomination of pizza. The pizza that shall not be named must never be named, and if you do well lets just say…you’ll be a pizza the past. Or maybe even…lost in the sauce. One could say you’d be…sliced. Ok pizza puns are over, we’re sorry we just really like pizza.

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I’m looking forward to trying this after I finish the first game. Still trying to keep my entire family alive. In-game things get very expensive! (No microtransactions, not that kind of expensive.) But I know I’ll enjoy the sequel once I get around to it. I fully intend to be a drone who is loyal to the government with no intentions to get promoted.

That’s my playing style for Papers Please too.