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Bayonetta - $4.80 - 5/8/19


Today’s deal is Bayonetta!





Fly me to the website
Let me play a game for cheap
Bayo’s got a pretty decent
Port out for PC
In other words, don’t be lame
In other words, buy this game.

Fill my heart with combos
And let me beat you with my hair
This game is all I long for
And to buy it, click right there
In other words, don’t be cruel
In other words, this game rules.
Has the cheapest games for me
It’s the perfect website
To get games for close to free
In other words, don’t be lame
In other words, in other words
Buy this game.

The official trailer for Bayonetta:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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Those cheesy but beautiful lyrics it brings a tear to a grown man eye :cry:


soooo is this similar to DMC? Looks like I’ll have to get it


Nice deal grabbed it


It’s very much along the same lines. If you enjoy DMC you will most certainly enjoy Bayo.


A bit irritated with myself, I meant to grab this and totally forgot. Time to wait till the next big sale again.