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Battletech - 8/20/20 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Battletech!




The official trailer for Battletech:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Sold out already?


or never had any…

12:04pm got mail, looked at site 12:40pm.

Sold out.

hmmm…100 copies?
or just that popular?


The email for this offer arrived only 40 minutes ago, and already you’ve sold out?! Get enough keys or don’t bother.


It’s probably just bugged, we’ve been seeing this fairly frequently recently. Check back in a couple of hours once @lonin, @Ernin8t0r, @EMCL or maybe @SlushieSamurai has been notified of the issue.


LOL been debating on getting this for a loooong time. Finally about to fire and it says sold out :-(. I should of nabbed a couple of hours ago when I looked.

If it ends up not being a bug and is sold out I think Paradox is running it on sale for $0.01 more lol. Would like to purchase here though, got to do some streamer support.


@Ragtag21, @jellowiggler, @zaxwerks, @Fistleader Looks to be either fixed or back in stock now, so go ahead and grab yourselves a copy.


Sorry about that guys!

Had some wonkiness with the keys earlier, but we’re giving it another go. Of course, if there are any issues or problems retrieving keys, let myself or anyone else around here know!


Several hours have passed, and it looks like keys are still available. So far so good.